· October, 2005

Stories about Hungary from October, 2005

Hungary: '56 Roundup

28 October 2005

Hungarian Accent rounds up discussion of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising in the Hungarian blogosphere.

Hungary: The Tragedy of '56

25 October 2005

Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar reflects on the real tragedy of '56 on the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising.

Hungary: Avian Flu

25 October 2005

Hungarian Accent rounds up the latest buzz on avian flu from the Hungarian blogosphere.

Effect Measure on Facing the Global Bird Flu Threat

  25 October 2005

Masked Mao With recent reports of avian flu in Western Europe, the disease is clearly no longer East Asia's problem. It's a dilemma for the world. Last week I emailed Revere, the pseudonymous leader of Effect Measure, a public health group blog. Since its inception in late 2004, Effect Measure has been covering the global response to avian flu. My goal was to discuss the pandemic fears and what the world -- and ordinary people -- can do to prepare for it. Revere, an environmental epidemiologist in a senior faculty position at a major research university, has 40 years of experience in medicine and public health. He is also one of the individuals behind the Flu Wiki, an Internet-based experiment in community mobilization and knowledge-pooling to face the feared epidemic. He paints an alarming picture. "If a pandemic is going to happen (and we don't know how to predict if it will or not with certainty), it will happen whatever we do," he writes. "There will be no "outside" for help to come from, so each community needs to prepare to cope on its own." In previous flu pandemics, hundreds of thousands of people went sick or died, leading to massive disruptions as workers failed to show up to work and instead surged into ill-equipped and ill-prepared hospitals ill-prepared. Revere sees two big tasks ahead: managing the consequences of a potential pandemic, and building (or rebuilding) the world's rotting public health infrastructure.

Hungary: Pecs=Euros

20 October 2005

Pestiside.hu says that it's not clear what the selection of Pecs as a European Cultural Capital really means beyond loads of euros.

Hungary: Capitals of Culture

19 October 2005

Hungarian Accent reports on the selection of Pecs as Hungary's candidate for European Capital of Culture and the Hungarian blogosphere's discussion of the selection.

Hungary: Big Star

18 October 2005

Pestiside.hu profiles the Hungarian scene-stealer in the newest Harry Potter movie.

Hungary: Che Shirts

18 October 2005

Pestiside.hu reports on a fight over the wearing of Che Guevara t-shirts between the leaders of the coservative Young Democratic Forum and the Young Left.

Hungary: Soft Serv Defense

14 October 2005

Despite years of criticism from NATO for failing to meet its defense commitments, Hungary's Army has found room in its budget for soft serve ice cream machines for its fighter pilots reports Pestiside.hu.

Hungary: Interview with Fraser Allen

14 October 2005

Pestiside interviews Fraser Allen, editor of Budapest Times, an English language newspaper in Hungary, and managing director of Budapest-Zeitung Kft, the publisher of the country's leading German language newspaper, Budapester Zeitung.