· September, 2005

Stories about Hungary from September, 2005

Hungarian Political Fashion Report

21 September 2005

Pestiside.hu has filed two Hungarian political fashion reports. The first is on fashion crimes in parliament and the second reports that the socialist dancing campaign has begun.

Hungary: László has left the building

8 September 2005

Pestiside picks up on the life and passions of Hungary's very own Elvis, László Komár, who is currently engaged in a legal battle with the ghost-writer of his autobiography.

Hungary: Airport sell-off

7 September 2005

Pestiside examines Hungarian government plans for the sell-off of Budapest Airport, advising potential investors to fasten their seat-belts and prepare for turbulence.

Hungary: Who stole Big Brother

2 September 2005

Among the offerings from Pestiside are a lawsuit by the license-holders for Big Brother against a Hungarian reality-TV show, and special regulations to limit damage done by boozy Brits on overseas binges.