· July, 2011

Stories about Hungary from July, 2011

Serbia: First Reactions to Acquittal of Sandor Kepiro

  20 July 2011

On Monday July 18, 2011, a court in Budapest acquitted 97-year-old Sandor Kepiro, a Second World War Hungarian police captain who served in occupied Serbia and, until recently, was “the most wanted Nazi.” He was charged with war crimes against Serbs, Jews and Roma during the Novi Sad Raid –...

Hungary: Military Training on School Curriculum

  18 July 2011

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum reports that from the schoolyear 2012/2013, Hungarian high school students will be able to study basic military science as a subject to be included in their highschool degree, and goes on to present other critical views on what she feels is a militarization of Hungary.

Hungary: Legislating Religion

  15 July 2011

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum reports on the adoption of a new and criticized law on religions and religious communities in Hungary.

Hungary: Public Media Job Cuts

  9 July 2011

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the staff cuts at the three Hungarian public media outlets: “My understanding is that the two television stations [MTV and Dune TV] and Magyar Rádió have a total of something like 3,500 employees. From the little one can learn about the government's plans, most likely 1,000...

Hungary: Black sheep of Europe?

  8 July 2011

The Worden Report discusses how Hungary is overriding European Union legislation and decisions, and what the limits for membership are to make European federalism work.

Hungary: A Roundup on Politics

  7 July 2011

Belatedly, links to some of Hungarian Spectrum‘s posts: on the Hungarian “oligarch” and PM's ally Sándor Demján; on the opposition rally and gay pride parade that took place in mid-June; on Hillary Clinton's visit to Budapest; and on a lecture by Aladár Horváth, the chairman of the Roma Civil Rights...