· March, 2006

Stories about Hungary from March, 2006

Romania: Hungary Day

  14 March 2006

Tomorrow is the day when Hungarian nationalists in Udvarhely, a Romanian city whose population is 98% ethnic Hungarian, may clash with their Romanian counterparts, reports Andy H of Csikszereda musings: “[…] And once again the fact that broadly speaking Hungarians and Romanians live together fairly successfully and without rancour, will...

Central & Eastern Europe: International Women's Day

  8 March 2006

March 8 has been an official day off in Russia and Ukraine, and here are some bloggers’ reactions to the holiday – in Russia and Ukraine, as well as elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe. Scott W. Clark of Foreign Notes, a Kyiv-based blog, is not happy about the universality...

Hungary: Cliched Coverage

  8 March 2006

Pestiside.hu reviews (unfavorably) the recent coverage of Hungary in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Smithsonian: “Because as it turns out, even when an editor sends a consummate professional with exquisite taste and cultural sensitivities to Hungary to write a feature about the place, it still ends up being illustrated...

Europe: Poland vs Hungary in the EU Vodka Debate

  2 March 2006

“Polish vodka purists” define vodka “as an alcoholic beverage derived from cereals or potatoes,” writes the Beatroot; “Hungarian producers have been taking advantage of the EU regulation that allows almost any transparent intoxicating and tasteless liquor to be sold as vodka,” counters Pestiside.hu. The EU vodka definition debate continues.