· July, 2010

Stories about Hungary from July, 2010

Slovakia: Hungarian School Trips

  20 July 2010

Tibor Blazko compiles Slovak netizens' reactions to a new Hungarian law that would bring Hungarian schoolchildren to parts of the neighboring countries that in the past belonged to Hungary.

Hungary: Turning crisis into advantage

  20 July 2010

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum argues that the Hungarian government, led by Viktor Orbán, is turning the failed negotiations with the IMF and the EU, leading to fears of an economic meltdown, into its advantage by portraying it domestically as a David's struggle against Goliath.

Hungary: Rich man, poor man

  19 July 2010

Pesticide.hu notes that the new model of luxury Louis Vuitton handbag arrived on the Hungarian market today, as both state bonds and the forint plummeted to new lows, forcing an overday repricing of named bag.

Hungary: Collapse in EU/IMF-negotiations

  18 July 2010

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum reports that negotiations between Hungary and international financiers the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on support for an economic crisis programme have broken down.

Hungary: Setback for new government

  6 July 2010

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum discusses the recent setback for the country's new Orbán government, as the constitutional court has found the ruling party's proposal on a “Manifesto of National Cooperation” in breach of the separation of state powers.