· March, 2007

Stories about Afghanistan from March, 2007

Afghanistan: 800 Years of Rumi

  30 March 2007

Bonnie Boyd notes that Rumi, the famous poet often associated with Sufism who was born in what is now Afghanistan, was born 800 years ago and she reports on a celebration of his work that took place in Washington, DC.

Afghanistan: Higher Education Crisis

  28 March 2007

Safrang reports that there are too few university spots for eligible students in Afghanistan and that the problem is only getting worse. The blogger argues that failing to provide education for them will create a large number of dissatisfied youth.

Central Asia: Celebrating Navruz

  22 March 2007

Sue Sypko says that celebrating a holiday like Navruz is tough to do for a group because everyone disagrees on how to spell the holiday's name, how to decorate, and what food to serve.

Afghanistan: Nowrouz & Signs of Spring

  21 March 2007

Safrang writes that spring has become associated with renewed fighting in Afghanistan in recent years and takes the liberty of changing an old folk song associated with Nowrouz (the holiday celebrated on the first day of spring) to urge a different mullah to come join the festivities.

Afghan Whispers:Alcohol,Women and Iranian connection

  13 March 2007

Afghan bloggers and non Afghan bloggers who write about Afghanistan have lot of stories to share: From alcohol to women and afghan immigrants problems. Alcohol Onne Parl tells us why alcohol disappeared from the market last autumn. The blogger says one can hear two versions why alcohol disappeared from the...

Afghanistan: Cut Off

  7 March 2007

Part of Afghanistan are all but cut off from the outside world due to heavy snow, says Safrang. The author says that better transportation links would massively improve the situation.

Afghanistan: Karzai's Amnesty Choice

  2 March 2007

Safrang says that Hamid Karzai is facing the biggest choice of his term as Afghanistan's president in deciding whether or not to sign into law amnesty bill that recently passed through legislature.