· June, 2007

Stories about Afghanistan from June, 2007

Facets of Afghanistan

  28 June 2007

Both Registan.net and Nonpon discuss the drawings of Canadian National Post illustrator Richard Johnson, who spent two months embedded with Canadian troops in Kandahar and presents a rare and haunting insight into life in the war-torn province.

Afghan Whispers:Education, music, wonderful nature and freedom

  19 June 2007

Sun Leaf talks about the painful situation of Afghanistan's education system. The blogger says Compared to other countries in Asia, the Afghan education situation is startling. The statistics below show that tremendous challenges remain. One of the poorest measures includes funding or implementing short-term education projects, which are abrubtly brought...

Afghanistan: Unintended Consequence

  15 June 2007

Joshua Foust says that one of the positive unintended consequences of the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan is an improvement in the condition of homosexuals.

Afghanistan: Tourism in Nursitan

  4 June 2007

Afghanistanica examines the prospects for tourism in Afghanistan's Nuristan province and finds them quite good if one happens to be an elite airborne soldier.