· August, 2010

Stories about Afghanistan from August, 2010

Afghanistan: Parliamentary Election Update

  29 August 2010

Joshua Foust provides an update on the upcoming parliamentary election in Afghanistan, specifying numerous worrying instances of violations and abuses of state resource by candidates, campaign staff, and government employees.

Afghanistan: The Helmand Food Zone Fiasco

  29 August 2010

Joel Hafvenstein writes about the British “Food Zone” program, which was considered to be a better effort comparing to other counternarcotics activties in Afghanistan. But “when examined closely, there’s no reason to think the Food Zone program was effective’, he says.

Afghanistan: Just get rid od Karzai

  15 August 2010

Joshua Foust reflects on the popular belief that Hamid Karzai is the main problem in Afghanistan. “What can we do about it? The usual answers seem to involve removing Hamid Karzai in some way—with all its myriad problems usually left unsaid”, he writes.

Portugal: Blogging Against Military Action

  12 August 2010

Blog Anti-Nato Portugal [pt, es] denounces that the United States has denied making available, in the aid effort to Pakistan, the 19 helicopters destined to the war in Afghanistan. Bloggers cite a military high official, who in a press conference, confirmed that the decision was up to Washington and that the...

Afghanistan: Taliban beyong the Pashtuns

  2 August 2010

Nick Fielding reviews the article, which argues that the Taliban has started making significant inroads among other ethnic groups, including Uzbeks, Tajiks and Turkmens from the north of Afghanistan.