· September, 2008

Stories about Afghanistan from September, 2008

Afghanistan: Students on Hunger Strike

  29 September 2008

Azar Balkhi reports that following the language dispute in the Balkh province of Afghanistan, in which students of the local university entered into a clash with the police, the protesters went on a hunger strike.

Afghanistan: Weapons of Insurgents

  22 September 2008

Nasim Fekrat reports on the fact that the Taliban insurgents use US-made Stinger anti-aircraft guided missiles. Just a few weeks ago, there was a deadly US helicopter crash caused by a Stinger in southern Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Herat Bombing

  18 September 2008

Azar Balkhi reports that a rival tribes provocation allegedly was behind the US air-strikes which killed up to 90 civilians in a village in western Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: First Policewomen

  8 September 2008

Azar Balkhi reports that for the first time in Afghan history, first policewomen were appointed on official positions in Herat, western province of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Elections Ahead

  8 September 2008

Afghan Blogger posts a speech by the Political Counselor of the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington, DC, concerning the upcoming 2009 Afghan Presidential Election.