· March, 2006

Stories about Afghanistan from March, 2006

Central Asia: Happy Nawruz!

  21 March 2006

Ataman Rakin wishes “Happy Nawruz” and gives some background information on the festivities that are celebrated in all Central Asian states.

  17 March 2006

Mirwais at Afghan Reality says that the donor agenda for Afghanistan is neglecting pressing needs of most Afghans.

Central Asia: Snow Leopards

  16 March 2006

James of neweurasia says that economic incentives may be behind the rise in Central Asia's snow leopard population. Their numbers, though, are still dangerously low.

Afghan Whispers: Justice, Discrimination & Poor Animals

  13 March 2006

Afghan Warrior is upset that a former intelligence chief during communist period was condemned but others who have done worse holding responsibilities in government. The blogger says “It's so sad when the many criminals in high government posts are not being prosecuted – people who destroyed 70% of the capital...

Afghan Whispers: Citizens, Herat & Economy

  6 March 2006

Sohrab Kabuli talks about social class differences in Kabul. He says that the Afghan President says citizens are secure in Kabul. Kabuli says if citizens are people who are running NGOs or national or international institutes with high salaries, holidays in Dubai or Tajikistan and with real comfort at home...