· May, 2007

Stories about Afghanistan from May, 2007

Afghan Whispers:Refugees,War Lords and Orphanages

  25 May 2007

Several Afghan bloggers have discussed Iranian government’s decision to expel Afghan refugees to Afghanistan. Some of these refugees have lived in Iran for years. Marine Gustavson, from Parsa NGO shows in our photo.You can see more photos here. Afghanistan's government called the consequences of sending back thousands of people to...

Afghanistan: Travel Restrictions

24 May 2007

Peter Marton puts together a collection of random travel restrictions for those who may find themselves in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Bad Behavior

22 May 2007

Afghanistanica discusses how bad behavior on the part of foreigners working in Afghanistan breeds resentment.

Afghanistan: Blogger Hacked

11 May 2007

Afghan Lord says that his Farsi language blog has been hacked after he wrote posts on sex and the Quran and sex in Islamic society. He had no archive of his posts and is looking for help.

Afghanistan: Looking Inward

  9 May 2007

Mohammad Fahim Khairy writes that Afghans must look to themselves rather than to the West to find answers for solving Afghanistan's problems.

Afghanistan: Qawm

  8 May 2007

Afghanistanica discusses “qawm,” a term for bounded social groups of various types, and what this means for identity in Afghanistan.

Afghan Whispers:1 May,Kidnappings and Problems in Iran

Õnne Pärl,a blogger and journalist from Estonia, writes about her 1 May experience in Kabul. She says, because of the mudjahedin parade in Kabul, there are suggestions to “keep low profile”. We see helicopters flying noisily over our heads, but it is the only thing what looks different. We are...