· February, 2009

Stories about Afghanistan from February, 2009

Afghanistan: Prison, Poverty and Politics

  23 February 2009

While the Obama administration has announced that an additional 17,000 troops will be sent to Afghanistan to confront the rising insurgency, Afghan bloggers keep talking about the daily challenges facing Afghans such as a women in prison, poverty and political tensions. Baktash Siawash, a Kabul-based journalist and blogger writes [en]...

Afghanistan: The Unlamented Death

  18 February 2009

Colla says that the death of Taliban commander Mullah Ghulam Dastagir last night in an airstrike in the northwestern province of Afghanistan brings to a bloody end a saga which had been particularly damaging for President Hamid Karzai.

Afghanistan: ANSF to the Rescue

  18 February 2009

Joshua Foust notes that during the Wednesday suicide bombers attack in Kabul, most of the terrorists were stopped by the Afghan police were able to put an end to the attacks fairly quickly.

Former Soviet Union: The Legacy of Afghanistan

  18 February 2009

Window on Eurasia writes that across the former Soviet Union, “a debate is raging between those who believe the Soviet intervention [in Afghanistan] led to the demise of the Soviet Union and those who are convinced that the decision to withdraw [20 years ago] had precisely that effect.”

Afghanistan: Who are we?

  6 February 2009

Azar Balkhi provides an in-depth analysis of the Afghan national identity, covering both linguistic and historical roots of the nation.

Afghanistan: Presidential Election Delayed

  2 February 2009

Patrick Frost reports that the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan has decided to postpone the country’s presidential election until August 20th for the reason of registering more voters, setting up the voting machinery, and giving troops more time to bring ‘chaotic’ districts in control.