· July, 2007

Stories about Afghanistan from July, 2007

Global Voices in Persian Takes off

Global Voices in Persian finally takes off officially. It started its first baby steps in June and a few of its translations have already been republished on a few sites including a very popular one, Gooya.com and the Iranian Digg,Balatarin. On good days we get around 350 hits and 250...

Korea: On the kidnapped Koreans

  30 July 2007

Robert Koehler at The Marmot's Hole follows up on a series of posts looking at the plight of the 23 Korean missionaries—now on hunger strike—recently taken for hostage in Afghanistan in ‘My personal view on the current hostage crisis,’ an answer to his question: “why would 23 men and mostly...

Afghanistan: Soviet veterans

  25 July 2007

Two Soviet war veterans who served in Afghanistan are portayed on blogs: Afghanistanica looks at Captain Zakharov, an example of successful counter-insurgency; and Registan.net portrays the mysterious Mahmud Khudoberdiev, who went on to fight in the Tajik Civil War.

Reactions to kidnapping of Koreans in Afghanistan

  25 July 2007

South Korean Christian missionaries were abducted in Ghazni, south-west of Kabul, on the 19th of this month. The abductors who kidnapped 23 missionaries are Taleban fighters. The hostages were abducted from a bus travelling from Kandahar to Kabul. What the Taleban fighters demand to the Korean government is first to...

Afghanistan: The King is dead

24 July 2007

Afghanistan's former king Mohammad Zahir Shah died on Monday and SunLeaf says that he will be remembered by most Afghans for his ambitious, yet unrealised dreams to modernise Afghanistan.

Central Asia: Clash of opinion

  14 July 2007

Josh Foust engages in an extremely interesting discussion with an Uzbek journalist (working for a Russian news agency) about Western promotion of democracy in Central Asia.

Afghanistan: Breadmaking

  12 July 2007

Bread is the main staple of poor Afghans and Õnne Pärl has a closer look at the inner workings of a bakery in Kabul.

Afghanistan: Interview with Baktash Siawash, blogger and journalist

  11 July 2007

What follows is an interview about censorship, media and blogs in Afghanistan with blogger and journalist Baktash Siawash. Baktash writes for several magazines including WashingtonPrism. Q: Please introduce yourself and your blog. A: My Name is Baktash Siawash and I live in Afghanistan; my blog's name is “Writings of Siawash”...

Afghanistan: Pessoptimist

  10 July 2007

Barnett Rubin, in his first post on a new blog about global affairs, says that being pessimistic about Afghanistan is not an intellectual challenge. Instead, Rubin (who was on the UN team during the Bonn conference a few years back) is a practicing “pessoptimist”: “Every morning we thank the Lord...

Afghanistan: Personal experience

  9 July 2007

On a detour from his usual policy analysis, Tom Perriello shares some of his personal experiences in Afghanistan, including locals’ expectations from marriage, road traffic and basketball games.

Afghanistan: Walking around Herat

  4 July 2007

After exploring the streetlife of Herat, a city in Eastern Afghanistan, Tom T met with local students who are actively involved in civic projects and who will receive more training in Kyrgyzstan this summer.