· January, 2009

Stories about Afghanistan from January, 2009

Afghanistan: Human Rights Watch and The Azizabad Massacre

  24 January 2009

Colla reports that Human Rights Watch has sent a letter to outgoing US Secretary of Defense Robert M Gates to remind of the US night air attack on Azizabad, Afghanistan, that took place on 21-22 August last year and resulted in tens of dead civilians, while the US authroties were...

Afghanistan: Election Holdups and Insurgency Holddowns

  24 January 2009

Patrick Frost analyzes the outcomes of US Assistant Secretary Boucher's visit to Kabul and what it means for the Taliban’s resurgence and governance in Afghanistan, including the issue of possible delaying of this years Presidential election.

Afghanistan: First Female Mayor

  16 January 2009

Azar Balkhi writes that Ms. Ozrah Jafari has become a Mayor of the Daikondi province. She is the first woman occupying such a high-ranking position in the entire history of Afghanistan.