· February, 2006

Stories about Afghanistan from February, 2006

Afghan Whispers

  27 February 2006

Afghan Reality encourages foreign forces such as Canadian soldiers stay in Afghanistan. The blogger says “Security. Security. Security. This is a persistent call for international assistance from the Afghan government, civil society and most importantly from the ordinary Afghans. How could peace and stability be envisaged without reassuring the safety...

Afghan Whispers: Civil Society, Corruption & Secularism

  20 February 2006

Safrang writes about civil society in Afghanistan : “As the world is becoming a small but global village such proceedings not only entails scattering within the human family but also undermines the efforts for peace and solidarity around the globe. The civil society of Afghanistan, likewise, does not consider resorting...

Afghan Whispers: Hope, Hate & Fire

  13 February 2006

Afghan Reality talks about signs of hope for Afghanistan after the London conference. The blogger says: “Afghanistan Compact will serve as the international community's reassurance in helping rebuild Afghanistan. The document officially agreed upon at the two-day international conference in London starting January 31, 2006 highlights key areas where Afghanistan...

Afghan Whispers: Hamas, Democracy and Cartoons

  7 February 2006

Afghan Warrior explains the reasons why Hamas won election: “The Islamic Hamas party have won the election in Palestine and their victory was unexpected to some countries and they showed their concern over the victory of Hamas party. In my opinion now we should admit their victory because they were...