· May, 2006

Stories about Afghanistan from May, 2006

Afghanistan: Riots

31 May 2006

Sohrab Kabuli writes about the bloody riots in response to a road accident involving US military forces and includes some first-hand reporting.

Afghan Whispers: Parliament Talk & Media

  22 May 2006

According to Yadashtayi az Gharb (Persian) (notes from the West) Mrs. Malai Joya, deputy in Afghan Parliament, talked about Mujahedeens in negative way in front of Mujahedeens deputies and others in Afghan Parliament (Loya Jigra). According to the blogger: “She said there were people who sacrificed their lives when Afghanistan...

Afghanistan: Reconstructing

  17 May 2006

In the wake of an international business conference in Kabul to explore ways to invest in Afghanistan, Afghan Warrior goes through many things that need attention

Interview with Afghan Warrior

  15 May 2006

Global Voices has started a series of interviews with Afghan bloggers. Our first guest is Waheed from Afghan Warrior. 1 Q: How long have you started to blogging and why an English one? 1 A .I have been blogging since March 8, 2005. I wanted to raise my voice, and...

Afghanistan: Mafia!

  11 May 2006

Afghan Penlog is a new collective blog which wants to bring afghan blogs together. On its last writing, we read about freedom of expression and Afghanistan's mafia problem. According to blog, country is on the edge to fall in mafia's trap completely.

Afghan Whispers: To Celebrate or not!

  8 May 2006

Afghan bloggers talk about anniversary of Kabul's fall in hands of Mujahedin. They disagree about whether or not to celebrate. Why should the Afghan people celebrate this day? Did they get freedom, justice or…. The blogger adds this event just brought more war for another ten years (Persian). He says,...

Afghanistan: Trust & Government

  4 May 2006

Afghan Lord says that the only thing that makes people suspicious of and pessimistic about the government are the deals and agreements which are signed in secret. He adds that such deals change citizens’ attitudes towards their government.

Afghan Whispers: Lessons to Teach & to Learn

  1 May 2006

It is interesting that Afghan bloggers look at foreign countries such as Iran & Iraq and they try to learn and teach lessons for peace and happiness. AfghanWarrior gives advice to people in Iraq to follow Afghanistan's example to encourage insurgents to put down weapons. He writes: “The Afghan government...

India: Engineer killed in Afghanistan

  1 May 2006

The killing of an Indian engineer, Suryanarayana in Afghanistan by the Taliban militia is a shocking reminder of how fragile the situation is for Indians working in the country. The Taliban had demanded that all Indians leave Afghanistan within a specified time period if Suryanarayana was to be spared. However,...