· April, 2007

Stories about Afghanistan from April, 2007

Afghanistan: Media Under Pressure

  23 April 2007

Afghan Lord discusses the live broadcast beating and arrest of three reporters at a television station by police under orders from Afghanistan's Attorney General, saying that such abuses of power by officials is a threat to media freedom in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: French Following Suit?

  6 April 2007

Safrang says that France has little choice but to make some kind of bargain to secure the release of two French aid workers and three of their Afghan colleagues who were kidnapped by the Taliban and that such a deal will make such kidnappings more likely.

Afghanistan: Improving the Army

2 April 2007

Afghan Warrior notes that re-enlistments in the Afghan National Army are very low, and says that the government should increase pay, replace old equipment, and provide housing for Afghanistan's troops.