· December, 2005

Stories about Afghanistan from December, 2005

Tajikistan: Yaldo

  20 December 2005

TojikYor of Sogdiana writes about Yaldo or Shabi Chila (Yalda in Farsi), the winter solstice holiday of Iranian peoples that celebrates the birth of light and its victory over darkness.

Afghanistan: AfghaniStar

  19 December 2005

Q. A. Shah of Kabulog writes that seeing AfghaniStar (think American Idol, Pop Idol, or Eurovision) makes him wonder that if Afghanistan is to have this type of pop culture, whether or not it could use a cynical hipster culture to go along with it.

Afghanistan Blogs: Journals, Zaher Shah & Taliban

  5 December 2005

Garderah (Link in Persian), an Afghan blogger who recently visited Afghanistan, writes that many Afghans are surprised at the high number of private journals, radio stations, and television channels that operate alongside government ones. Garderah says he is disappointed to see that govermental journals talk more about Zaher Shah, former...