· November, 2009

Stories about Afghanistan from November, 2009

Afghanistan: US opens new prison

  23 November 2009

Nick Fielding reports that the US military unveiled a new $60 million prison at Bagram airbase, north of the Afghanistan capital Kabul, saying it would provide detainees with better conditions and also promote transparency.

Afghanistan: Counting the cost of war

  23 November 2009

Nick Fielding reviews “The Cost of War: Afghan Experiences of Conflict 1978-2009″, a report by nine NGOs working in Afghanistan analyzing 30 years of war and a devastating impact they had.

Afghanistan: UK tends to quit

  23 November 2009

Dafydd talks about the slump of the Afghan campaign's popularity among the British public, media and officials – ahead of upcoming elections in the United Kingdom.

Afghanistan: Corruption, corruption

  23 November 2009

Peter Marton reacts to the news that the US could start holding Afghanistan’s government accountable for corruption by withholding money for projects, and says that corruption in this country often is a consequence of the US policies.

Afghanistan: Who are the leaders of Taliban?

  8 November 2009

Nick Fielding reflects on the the question of who is running the so-called Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and who are the members of the so-called the Quetta Shura, the Taliban's leadership.