· March, 2008

Stories about Afghanistan from March, 2008

Afghanistan: Hazara People Want Justice

  31 March 2008

Mohammad writes that representatives of the Hazara ethnic group in Afghanistan arranged a large demonstration in Kabul on March 29, to stop migration of nomadic tribes that threatens agricultural sector in their provinces.

Afghanistan: UK Judges to Learn Sharia?

  26 March 2008

Sanjar reports that recently the Anglican Church's Archbishop Dr. Rowan Williams expressed that there was nothing wrong with the British legal system adopting some laws from Islamic shari'a and implementing them for British citizens of the Islamic faith.

Afghanistan: Intermission in Afghanistan

  26 March 2008

Hadi1121 analyzes the current state of affairs in Afghanistan, noting that increase in violence and lawlessness is widespread anywhere outside Kabul and the credibility of the Afghan government has gone down dramatically.

Afghanistan: Why Grow Poppy

  25 March 2008

Joshua Foust analyzes approaches to the problem of opium production in Afghanistan, and says that addressing opium requires a vast, multi-dimensional approach, combining anti-corruption efforts, a massive influx of money, subsidization of food or other cash crops.

Afghanistan: Russia-NATO Near Deal

  24 March 2008

Patrick Frost says that a deal is in the works between NATO and the Russian government for greater cooperation in Afghanistan. The looming deal would possibly allow NATO troops the use of Russian land and airspace, the possible leasing of Russian planes and trains, and Russian training for Afghan helicopter...

Afghanistan: Warlord as “Person of the Year”

  24 March 2008

Joshua Foust reports that Radio Free Afghanistan has named Gul Agha Sherzai, the governor of Nangarhar province, “Person of the Year” for advancing the cause of democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and reconstruction, and criticizes this award for shallow insight.

Afghanistan: NATO Launches Psychological Operation Unit

  20 March 2008

Sanjar says that amidst increasing public criticism that NATO and its member states have faced lately in Afghanistan, a credible source within NATO contingent has confirmed creation of the Psychological Operation Unit, which is the military version of Public Relations.

Afghanistan: Women's Day in the Unrest Country

  18 March 2008

March the Eighth was the International Women's Day, a global celebration of the unsung heroes who make society function. Afghan bloggers noted it was happening, but placed the long struggle for women's rights in a rather historical context. Mohammed Khairy laments, In my country, Afghanistan, women are always marching and...

Afghanistan: “The Afghan Star” Fever

  18 March 2008

Hadi1121 reports that Afghanistan now suffers from a new kind of fever, “The Afghan Star” fever. This is an “American Idol” type show run by Tolo Television, where contestants sing and mobile phone owners vote them to the top.

Afghanistan: Women Under Taliban and Now

  17 March 2008

Hadi1121 says that women in Afghanistan continue to suffer under the blessings of the Taliban, the tribal militias, religious fundamentalists and the government of Afghanistan. She offers a set of HRW's statistical data for 2006, and doubts that the stats for 2007 will be better.

Afghanistan: Refugees Clash in Hungary

  11 March 2008

Peter Marton eyes a rare glimpse into the life of Afghanistani refugees in Hungary, where the Afghan and Georgian refugees clashed twice at the Debrecen refugee camp, fighting each other armed with sticks and steel rods.

Afghanistan: Moving Beyond Militarism

  10 March 2008

SunLeaf says that the persistence of the violent insurgency, particularly in the South of Afghanistan has put renewed pressure on both the government of Afghanistan and NATO to provide security.

Afghanistan: New UN Envoy Appointed

  10 March 2008

SunLeaf opines on the appointment of Norwegian diplomat Kai Eide as a new U.N. envoy to Afghanistan, asking would Eide’s appointment deliver a “silver bullet” solution to the apparent failures of the international community in Afghanistan.