· January, 2006

Stories about Afghanistan from January, 2006

Afghan Whispers: Censorship & London Conference

  30 January 2006

Afghan Lord informs us that there are more and more private TV channels in Afghanistan but he warns about the danger of censorship: Beside of four private channels like Ariana tv, Tolo tv, Ayna tv, Afghan tv and including one government TV these two is launched outside of the capital....

Afghan Whispers

  23 January 2006

There is a new Afghan blog which promotes peace and non violence in the world. In Afghan Peacemakers we read : The concept of non-violence as a method of change is new to Afghanistan. We know two ways to deal with injustice; fight it or tolerance, the second option was...

Afghanistan: Kabul & Security Barriers

  17 January 2006

Afghan Warrior writes that the people of Kabul support the decision of their government regarding the removal of the security barriers from the streets of the capital. These barriers create a huge traffic congestion in Kabul, a longtime complaint of the city's residents. He also adds that in some parts...

Afghanistan:Ambassador Speaking

  17 January 2006

Accroding to webgardian, Mr.Tandar, the Afghanistan ambassador in Belgium responsible for the Afghan delegation to the European Union, in an interview with WashingtonPrism said the main problem for our Afghanistan's new democracy is drugs and that pressure must be put upon the demand and production at the same time.

Afghan Whispers

  16 January 2006

Afghan Reality says that according to a poll released by WorldPublicOpinion.org, 83 per cent of respondents think things in the country are going in the right direction. The blogger adds: “Two imporant considerations must be taken into stock: a greater need for labour intensive programs to tackle the ‘opium economy’...

Afghanistan:Turkic People

  13 January 2006

Gardegah says Turkic people in Afghanistan are facing discrimination. These people,Turkmen & Uzbek who are about 12% of population, according to blogger have no place in afghan administration or government. (Persian)

Afghanistan: Ethnic diversity

  11 January 2006

Safrang (“commentary” in old Persian) says it is through accepting the realities of ethnic diversity and building institutions that reflect this that societies find peace and throw away their weapons. More particularly, the Balkan lesson has shown that long-lasting peace can be achieved through devolution of power and decentralization of...

Afghan Whispers

  2 January 2006

Taliban & Schools: Afghan women and girls were routinely victimized under the Taliban, who even denied them the right to go to school. President Karzai's government has given girls the opportunity to go back to schools but the Taliban is still trying to stop half the Afghan population from learning...