· April, 2008

Stories about Afghanistan from April, 2008

Afghanistan: A Battle of Will

  29 April 2008

Sanjar reflects on how long is the Afghan insurgency going to take and says that the war challenges the will of international community, the will of Afghans and finally the will of Taliban and insurgents.

PangeaDay: Videos to change the world on May 10th

  26 April 2008

On May 10th 2008 at 18:00 GMT, 24 films will be broadcast during a 4 hour event. What makes this different is that this event, PangeaDay will be broadcast from six locations worldwide in seven different languages worldwide to be viewed through internet, television or cellphones with one unique purpose: to make each other know about the lives of others and focus on what makes us similar, instead of what makes us different and let us work together towards peace.

Afghanistan: Progress, Problems, and Passageways

  23 April 2008

Patrick Frost reviews an optimistic appraisal of Afghanistan’s stability by the US Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Dan K. McNeill, who has stated that the Afghan army and police forces should be able to secure most of the country by 2011.

Afghanistan: Media vs. Mullah

  23 April 2008

The Council of Afghan Mullahs has warned private TV channels in Afghanistan to immediately stop broadcasting Indian soap operas, hadi1121 reports.

Afghanistan: Insurgent Attacks up in 2008

  11 April 2008

Barnett R. Rubin posts charts comparing the total number of “security incidents” originated by Taliban/anti-government elements (TB/AGE) in Afghanistan for the first 13 weeks of 2008 compared to the first 13 weeks of 2007.

Afghanistan: Kochi Nomads Are Headache for Locals

  11 April 2008

Hadi1121 tells about Kochi — millions of nomads spread across South Western Pakistan, Eastern Iran, and Afghanistan — who come to Central Afghanistan every spring and arbitrarily make their homes on backyards used and owned by other people.

Afghanistan: First blogging workshop in Kabul

  9 April 2008

The Afghan Association of Blog Writers (Afghan Penlog) overcame financial difficulty and obstacles like electricity shortages to organize the first blogging workshop in their history. The workshop was held in Kabul on April 3-4, in association with Nasim Fekrat and Masoumeh Ebrahimi, two active Afghan bloggers.

Afghanistan: TV Soap Operas Banned

  7 April 2008

Sanjar reports that the Minister of Information and Culture of Afghanistan has ordered several private TV stations to stop broadcasting popular soap operas that allegedly contain “offensive” and “un-Islamic” scenes.

Afghanistan: Talking to the Enemy

  4 April 2008

Joshua Foust looks at the political parties in Afghanistan, particularly at the the United National Front, whose nature and course seems to be deeply worrisome for Afghanistan’s future.

Afghanistan: Two Young Men Stoned to Death

  4 April 2008

Mohammad Fahim reports that two young lovers were stoned to death in the southern province of Afghanistan after they decided to leave their village and start new life, but were caught by the Taliban fighters, who found them guilty of adultery and sentenced them to death.