· December, 2008

Stories about Afghanistan from December, 2008

Afghanistan: US Plan for Militia Is Dangerous

  27 December 2008

Azar Balkhi reports that the plan, proposed by some American experts, to form local semi-military troops to fight against the terrorists, was met with criticism in Afghanistan. The Afghan MP opines that such a step would diminish the role of local tribal leaders, and power will be taken by the...

Afghanistan: Chafing Under Talibanization

  11 December 2008

All is not smooth sailing in Afghanistan, and Azar Balkhi explains why: The Taliban insurgency is historically a predominantly Pashtun movement, still have very little influence among other Afghanistan minority ethnic groups like the Tajiks, Uzbek and Hazaras. It’s hard to keep others from one who believes that gun is...

Afghanistan: Young Female Politicians Meets Youth

  10 December 2008

Azar Balkhi reports that Fawzia Koofi, 32, Deputy Speaker of the Lower House of the National Assembly of Afghanistan, paid visit to Kabul University students. This lady is getting more and more popular as a modern young leader among the youth in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Obama's New Policy for Kabul

  1 December 2008

Azar Balkhi reflects on the U.S. policy towards Afghanistan and cites a private Afghan newspaper, which has said it would be “unwise” if the new American administration to keep on supporting President Hamed Karzai as a legacy of George Bush.