· August, 2008

Stories about Afghanistan from August, 2008

Afghanistan: Child Sexual Abuse

  29 August 2008

Azar Balkhi says that child sexual abuse is becoming a disturbing widespread reality in Afghanistan, where traditionally the victim is the one to take the punishment, not the rapist.

MENA: Veiled Athletes in Beijing

Despite the Saudi Arabia's decision to ban Saudi women from taking part in the Olympics this year, Blogger Dilshad D. Ali writes about the emergence of hijab (veil) at the Beijing Olympics. Blogger Jana, also lists the 12 veiled Muslim athletes who competed this year in Beijing.

Afghanistan: Karzai Fingerpoint at NATO

  25 August 2008

Azar Balkhi reports that Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan yet again points finger at the NATO Forces without knowing the real story behind the confrontation that took place in Azizabad, where 90 civilians were shot to death in the counter-Taliban operation.

Afghanistan: The Road War

  22 August 2008

Joshua Foust examines the dual-use nature of national infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, and wonders how that might affect the counterinsurgency there.

Afghanistan: Olympics Hopes

  9 August 2008

SunLeaf tells about Nesar Ahmad Bahawi, a 23-year-old sportsman, who will represent Afghanistan in this year’s Olympics.

Afghanistan: Who killed Afghan Journalist

  1 August 2008

Baktash Siawashi, blogger and journalist from Afghanistan, writes [Fa] about the murder of Abdul Samad Rohani, an Afghan journalist, working for the BBC in Helmand province. He says Taliban,corrupted officials and drug smugglers are “the usual suspects” in this murder.

Afghanistan: The Karzai Democracy

  1 August 2008

The Rumi tells more about Latif Pedram, a poet, author of many books and the leader of National Congress Party of Afghanistan, who has been under house arrest for the past couple months; furthermore now the government has banned his political party.

Afghanistan: Young Students Raised Voice

  1 August 2008

The Rumi says that several hundreds of schoolgirls and boys protested yesterday on Thursday 30 July 2008 in Narin district of northern Afghanistan in defense of Dr. Latif Pedram, the leader of National Congress of Afghanistan.