· February, 2007

Stories about Afghanistan from February, 2007

Afghanistan: Heroes and Warlords

27 February 2007

Afghanistanica, a new blog covering Afghanistan, looks at the role of public relations strategies in Ahmed Shah Masood being remembered as a hero and Rashid Dostum being considered a warlord. The difference, the blogger argues, is that the latter let his enemies define him, while the former used savvy spokesmen...

Afghanistan: Eradication

  13 February 2007

Joshua Foust says it is a bad sign for drug eradication efforts in Afghanistan that the US is sending its former ambassador to Colombia to head its Kabul embassy.

Afghan Whispers:National Reconcilation and Ashura

  9 February 2007

Askar Gu Raiz talks about national reconcilation in country.The blogger writes I believe the mere debate around the hostilities of the past three decades, and the indirect confession that parties involved in those wars shoulder responsibility for the destruction and bloodshed, yet are entitled to forgiveness, is a positive start....