· May, 2008

Stories about Afghanistan from May, 2008

Afghanistan: Memorial Day Review

  26 May 2008

Joshua Foust reflects on the victims among American and Coalition soldiers who gave their lives in the fight for a free and stable Afghanistan, as well as on the victims among Afghans themselves.

Afghanistan: Al-Qaida's rising figure

  23 May 2008

Peter Marton reviews the recent story in the CTC Sentinel journal on al-Qaida's rising figure, Abu Yahya al-Libbi, the Lybian who escaped from detention at Afghanistan's Bagram airbase in 2005.

Afghanistan: A Case of the Judiciary

  21 May 2008

SunLeaf tells story of a Journalist student convicted of insulting Islam (the punishment for this crime is death), which vividly reflects the state of the Judiciary in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Killing with Impunity

  19 May 2008

SunLeaf reacts to the UN investigation into the disregard of for the fundamental rights of the Afghan citizens, which reads that civilian casualties in Afghanistan were intolerably high, and often could be avoided.

Afghanistan: Women in Afghanistan

  14 May 2008

Sanjar offers a video documentary, in which both intimate and broadly political view of the past thirty years of Afghanistan's history through the lives of three women is presented.

Afghanistan: Glass Half Empty

  8 May 2008

SunLeaf reacts to the words of Afghanistan’s ambassador to Canada, who assured MPs that Canadian aid funds are not winding up in the “pockets or bank accounts” of corrupt officials.