· November, 2007

Stories about Afghanistan from November, 2007

Afghanistan: Baghlan Massacre

  27 November 2007

Barnett R. Rubin analyzes the aftermaths of the Baghlan bombing in Afghanistan early this month, reviewing the Senlis Council report, which, as he says, presents a misleading map of Afghanistan showing a clear frontline between a Taliban-controlled south and a government-controlled north.

Afghanistan: Baghlan bombing update

  27 November 2007

Peter Marton continues to keep a close eye on the developments in Afganistan that have followed the terror attack and blast in the Baghlan town. Now he reviews the report on the matter, prepared by the NPS Program on Culture and Conflict Studies.

Afghanistan: Another Bomb Hits Official

  21 November 2007

Carl Robichaud reports that another fatal suicide attack occured in a province of Afghanistan that has rarely seen violence before. Suicide bomb has hit governor's compound in Nimruz; another attack was averted in Kabul.

Afghanistan: Taliban Regrouping

  19 November 2007

hadi1121 says that quite a few people have now complained about Taliban regrouping across the border in Pakistan or even perhaps in Iran. “Taliban are gaining ground, planting IED’s and probably exporting ideas and experties from Iraq at faster rate than ever before”, hadi1121 notes.

Afghanistan: Prospects for Baluchi Valley

  19 November 2007

Peter Marton reviews the current situation and perspectives for further development of the Baluchi Valley of Afghanistan. More presence of the Afghan authorities might secure the area better, but there are indications that this might still be challenged very much by the Taliban, as the area is still a hotbed...

Afghanistan: Women Prisoners Raped in Kabul

  16 November 2007

Mohammad Fahim Khairy says that a crying fact of prisoners’ rights violation has been revealed by the parliament official in Afghanistan. As reported, some officials of Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul are accused of raping women prisoners.

Afghanistan: Fighting Hunger

  16 November 2007

Afghanistan Watch reports that country director of the World Food Programme in Afghanistan is lamenting that citizens and the media tend to overlook humanitarian work in Afghanistan, preferring to keep a close eye on the military issues.

Afghanistan: Undermined Mission

  16 November 2007

Carl Robichaud considers that a too-narrow focus on counterinsurgency operations has undermined the mission in Afghanistan, and that it is high time to look for the right combination of military and non-military tools.

Afghanistan: Update on Baghlan Bombing

  15 November 2007

Peter Marton provides an update on the suicide bombing attack that has hit the northern province of Afghanistan earlier this month, targeting Afghani MPs. Apparently, some of the victims among the civilians could have been killed not by the bombs, but by inconsiderate shooting started by the bodyguards.

Afghanistan: Examining Private Security

  14 November 2007

Bboyd reviews the recent report from Swisspeace that discusses private security contracting in Afghanistan, and says that the research -due to its extensiveness and care – gives some bona-fide examination of the issues.

Afghanistan: Journalist Arrested

  14 November 2007

Nasim Fekrat reports that Ghows Zalmay, a media professional from Afghanistan, was arrested on the border on Sunday while trying to flee into Pakistan. He is accused of that his new edition of Koran is allegedly un-Islamic.

Afghanistan: Explosions of Violence

  13 November 2007

More than 40 people, including five Afghan lawmakers and a number of children, were murdered on Tuesday in one of the deadliest suicide attacks since the fall of the Taliban, said Afghan officials. Several bloggers share their regret and opinions on this topic. Sanjar says[Fa] that many people including five...

Afghanistan: Jirgas and Distortion

  13 November 2007

A while ago, we learned that Hamid Karzai was willing to negotiate with the Taliban. Little has come of that, and Afghanistanica offers an explaination: I would love to see some questions on the loya jirga included in a large-scale survey of Afghan public opinion. I wonder if the average...

Afghanistan: Rumors Fly About the Baghlan Bombing

  13 November 2007

The horrible suicide bombing of November 6 in Baghlan, which killed dozens, including several members of parliament, has consumed the Afghan blogosphere. I was made privy to a rumor about the bomber's origin: the United National Front, the political coalition of former communists and Northern Alliance warlords. I expressed skepticism,...

Afghanistan: Thinking about Alternative Livelihoods

  12 November 2007

Joshua Foust reflects on the suggested plans to legalize and cultivate marijuana in Aghanistan in an attempt to eradicate opium production. In the Afghan situation – with a weak central government, widespread anarchy, and an active insurgency with international support – this idea is probably a bit too audacious to...

Afghanistan: Aftermath of Terror Attack

  9 November 2007

Carl Robichaud resumes the tragic consequences of the terror attack in Afghanistan, saying that sixty eight civilians have been buried, a hundred more are wounded, and countless questions remain because of absence of a credible explanations from the authorities.