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China: strike hard campaign

  25 September 2006

Monwong at interlocals.net has translated a blog post by Zan Ai Zong concerning the “strike-hard” campaign in China, the article explains how such campaign would easily lead to violation of human rights.

Hong Kong: GWF investigation

  25 September 2006

The Internet Society Hong Kong has carried out an investigation on the suspected blocking of ntscmp.com website by Nevigator and HGC; Charles Mok blogs the findings: we cannot find any evidence of a block imposed by the accused ISPs on the website in question. Connections from these ISPs to the...

Japan: foreign workers

  25 September 2006

In order to cope with the shrinking labor force, the Japan Ministry of Justice stressed the need of long-term policies for accepting overseas workers. debito points out that a significant change is that the government has dropped the “3%” upper limit concerning the ratio of foreigners to local population.

China: listen to the movie producer

  22 September 2006

The latest movie “The City of Golden Armor” directed by Zhang Yi-Mou was released on September 20, but reporters had not been invited to the movie preview. Buchimifan in Bullog quotes the movie producer Mr Zhang Wei Ping's advice to the reporters: “if you criticise our movies, we won't let...

China: 2nd Chinese blogger conference

  22 September 2006

The 2nd Chinese blogger conference is going to take place on October 28-29 in Hanzhou, China. The latest schedule, speakers and sessions is now online; here is the details about “How to become a Web Support/Sticker Sponsor”.

China: wiki's definition of national security police

  21 September 2006

Zeng jinyan compares her experience in encountering with national security police with the definition in the Chinese wikipedia, they are very different. And she feels frustrated most of the Chinese people cannot access wikipedia to revise the definition. Zeng's experience is: they never show their identity card, they are beyond...

Hong Kong: GFW in HK?

  21 September 2006

Soon after Mister Bijou blogged about the suspected case of PCCW (the biggest telecom in HK and ISP netvigator) filtering out not the south china morning post website. The issue was taken up by ESWN and spread to local blogsphere, and bloggers started to do their own testing and there...

South Korea: Textbook revision

  20 September 2006

Sewing from Marmot's Hole gives us more background about the South Korea textbook revision. This time it is not about intepretation of history, but about changing traditional gender roles, implicit endorsement of single-child families, and unhealthy focus on the myth of a homogeneous Korean “race”.

China: Baidu and google

  20 September 2006

One man bandwidth compares the business of Baidu and Google search engine in China and predicted that Google would flounder based on the ancient Chinese pronciple of Guanxi.

Hong Kong: internet censorship

  20 September 2006

An alert posted by Mister Bijou on PCCW (biggest telecom in HK and ISP netvigator) decision to filter out a website called ntscmp. ESWN picks up the story and urges Hong Kong blogger to test the filtering.

China: cancer report

  20 September 2006

One Man band width reports on the condition of breast cancer patients in China. Breast cancer is becoming the biggest killer for Chinese women, even resources have been allocated for campaign, nothing much has been changed: “they do not want to alarm women in the late stages of a disease...

China: return migrant workers to countryside

  19 September 2006

Beijing 2008 Environmental Construction Headquarters officials annoucned on September 14 that the government will use of a strategy of “comprehensive return to the countryside” and “strengthening of aid programs” to return migrant workers to countryside before the 2008 Olympic. China Media Project reports that the proposal was criticized by domestic...

Japan:Canon history

  17 September 2006

Mutantfrog blogs about the history of Canon and the role of its American consultant, William R. Gorham, who became a naturalized Japanese citizen shortly before WWII.