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A media activist, researcher and educator currently based in Hong Kong. My Twitter account is @oiwan and personal views are published on: patreon.com/oiwan

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Latest posts by Oiwan Lam from June, 2006

Macau: Faster than a speeding bullet

  20 June 2006

Simon World reminds us that the world's fastest growing economy is in little Macau. Macau’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 18.8 percent in real terms in the first quarter of this year, as compared with the same period of 2005, official figures showed.

Hong Kong: woman's sense of security

  20 June 2006

Florence in Over the Rainbow asks in her post what were you (woman) doing when you were 25/26? and what would you be doing when you were 46? how can woman cultivate a sense of security by themselves? (zh)

South Korea: France VS Korea in World Cup

  19 June 2006

Even though the France VS South Korea Match is considered a boring one, there are still 60 plus comments in dissidentdave's match description post in the Marmot's hole. One of the comments goes like this: Dave, I’m korean as well and I admitted i think at least twice in different...

China: interpretation of Beijing 2008

  19 June 2006

“Beijing-2008″ is a huge painting by Liu Yi (刘溢), exhibited in New York in March. Inside the picture, there are 5 women playing ma-joh (2008 Beijing Olympic game). One of the political interpretations by jxhill is that the 5 women are U.S (middle), Taiwan (left near the wall), japan (backward...

China: eating cat

  19 June 2006

There have been much reports about the tradition of cat eating in southern China. What is new this time is that netizen has organized animal rights protest against such tradition. ESWN has a full translation of the recent development.

China: student riot

  19 June 2006

ESWN translates a post about Zhengzhou University riot. At its worst, almost 10,000 people were rioting. The cause of the riot was that the school lowered the status of the university diploma and did not refund tuition fees to fourth-year students as contracted.

China and Japan: Animation academy

  18 June 2006

Ben Ng reports that A Sino-Japan animation academy was established in Beijing on 11 June (zh). According to a statistic, in year 2004, the animation industry in China made 19.5 million yuan income, the Japanese animation shared 1/5 of the market. The animation industry will be taking off in coming...

China: Voodoo Doll online

  18 June 2006

Earlier this year ESWN explained how voodoo doll were banned in China. Letters from China notes that netizens have moved the culture online: a click means a pin!

Hong Kong: Stephen Hawking visit

  18 June 2006

Last week Stephen Hawking visited Hong Kong, there were much discussion among local bloggers. Diumanpark criticizes Hong Kong Government did not arrange proper reception to Hawking, while if Bill Gates came, the Chief Excecutive would have rushed to the airport (zh). Miss Lee in Summer comments that the local news...

Japan: whaling

  18 June 2006

Onemanbandwith notes that Japan has got to be disappointed because they have spent, on average, 100 Million US Dollars each in “foreign aid” to countries who voted down a proposal to allow Japan resumption of whaling in their own coastal areas in the International Whaling Commission.

China: Disable certificate

  18 June 2006

Joel Martinsen in Danwei translated a local news story about an encounter between a train attendant and a disable man, asking for the disable certificate for his train ticket. Even though the disable man only had one leg the attendant insisted to have the document, finally another passenger stood up...

Japan: the spread of Japanese kawaii

  16 June 2006

What is the implication of the spread of Japanese Kawaii (cute) image? Is Kawaii a new phenomena or rooted in tradition? Marie Mockett puts up a summary of different viewpoints in Japundit.

South Korea: Call for International Support in Daechuri

  16 June 2006

An annoucement was put up in Days in Daechuri (a U.S military base in S.Korea) to call for international support to protect the farmers against forced evictions. A foriegner's house is being organized to facilitate visits for foriegn journalists interested in learning about Daechuri and the surrounding area's struggle, and...

China: Mao as Jesus or Joke?

  16 June 2006

Earlier last month Peking duck commented that young Chinese considered Mao a big Joke. Voyage seems to disagree and said that he wouldn't be surprised to see Mao's temples to be built across China. The blog puts up a few photos on Mao worship in Mao's Ancestral Hall in Hunan's...

China: fabricated World Cup News

  15 June 2006

ESWN translated a local news report on the massive fabrications made by Chinese reporters on World Cup. For example, a reporter without a pass wrote an exclusive interview with FIFA World Cup committee chairman Franz Beckenbauer!

China: Google.cn moved to Beijing

  15 June 2006

Williamlong explains that earlier this month internet users could not access google.cn. Now the server is moved to Beijing. It implies that google.cn will be more stable by subjecting itself to the list of censored keywords (zh).

Taiwan: On Chen's recall

  14 June 2006

The recall motion on the Taiwan President Chen Shiu Bien is now a most hot topic. David from jujuflop had a lengthly discussion on whether it will succeed? whether it is a good move? or whether it will backfire KMT? etc. Michael Turton also picked up the discussion in The...

Lust, Caution

  14 June 2006

Danny Bloom in Japundit provided some backgrounds on the Ang Lee's latest film “Lust, Caution”. The original story by the late Chinese novelist Eileen Chang (張愛玲) (1920-1995) is only about 10 pages long.

Hong Kong: debate over questionable poll

  14 June 2006

The Commerical Radio in Hong Kong launched a questionable poll on “the female artists they would most like to indecently assault” and resulted in a joint protest by woman organizations. The poll was eventually banned and the programme were suspended for two months. It resulted in an online petition against...

China: the phone number in Mission Impossible 3

  14 June 2006

There is one scene in Mission Impossible 3 taken at Shanghai old city where a phone number “13347707266” painted on an old wall just over Tom Cruise's left shoulder. A netizen traced the number and wrote an interesting “mission” story. ESWN has translated the story into English.

Taiwan: ipod sweatshop

  14 June 2006

The breaking news of ipod sweatshop in China has been picked up by Taiwan Citizen journalism (zh) website Coolloud as the contracting company Foxconn (registered in Hong Kong) is owned by a Taiwanese multi-national corporate Hon Hai. According to the report workers work 15 hours a week while earning USD...

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