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Did China wreck the Copenhagen deal?

  29 December 2009

Uln tried to sort out what had happened in Copenhagen and questioned why the developed countries did not sign among themselves a deal for reducing emission. Inside-Out China translated a local report telling an insider story on Wen Jiabao's schedule in Copenhagen.

China and Iran: #CN4Iran

  28 December 2009

Yesterday, thousands of Iranians took to the street to protest against dictatorship. The protest reminded Chinese people of the Tiananmen democracy movement back in 1989 and Chinese twitterers are using hashtag #cn4iran to show solidarity with Iranian fellows.

China: Liu Xiaobo sentenced to 11 years

  25 December 2009

C.A. Yeung pointed out that the harsh sentence of Liu Xiaobo to 11 years on subversion charges implied a open rejection of public demands for democratic reforms by the Chinese Communist Party. The blogger also translated Chinese dissident Wang Dan's brief comment on Liu's sentence.

Japan: Entrepreneurship

  24 December 2009

Fumi Yamazaki from What's happening in Japan right now? blogs about a gathering in Tokyo, Startup Weekend, among developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists to share their experiences in businesses and projects.

South Korea: Fan's culture

  24 December 2009

James Turnbull from the Grand Narratives wrote an interesting article about the changing fan's cultural in South Korea. Middle-aged people are more active in fan's clubs.

China: Chinternet

  24 December 2009

As a result of a new round of internet regulation policies, such as the ban on individual's registration of CN domain name, Chinese netizens invent a new English word, Chinternet, to describe the China intranet.

China: White-listing the Internet

  22 December 2009

DANWEI has translated the Beijing News’ report on the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)'s plan to white list websites on the Internet. More background can be found in GV advocacy: Online protest against CNNIC and White-listing the Internet.

China: People's microblogging online?

  22 December 2009

While the Chinese government has blocked a large number of social media websites such as twitter and fanfou, the official online media, people.com.cn, fills in the gap and launches its people's microblogging page.

China: Internet Triad Organization?

  21 December 2009

ESWN translated a CCTV article “Internet triad organization manipulates public opinion: 50,000 yuan can influence court verdict” which tries to justify the crackdown of organized-opinion making activities.

Japan's Companies CSR Reports

  15 December 2009

Martin J Frid discusses about corporate social responsibility commitment of Japan's companies in reducing CO2 emission and environmental protection.

Twitter in Japan

  15 December 2009

Fumi Yamazaki tells her readers how Twitter is quickly increasing its presence in Japan nowadays.