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Hong Kong: From Censorship Debate to Critique of Christian Right

  29 January 2009

The debate over censorship of indecency in Hong Kong sparkled by the consultation on the Control of Obscene and Indecent Article Ordinance (COIAO) has developed into a critique of religious /Christian Right politics as the conservative Christians openly demand the extension of COIAO for censoring “speech” or “article” that “instigates...

Hong Kong: Fortune Stick Reading

  28 January 2009

ESWN summarized local newspapers reports on fortune stick reading in Lunar new year. The unfavorable outcome stirred up a hot discussion about: who is the traitors inside home?

Japan: Robot Puppets

  27 January 2009

Edo from Pink Tentacle blogs about the use of robot technology in classic bunraku puppets in Japan.

China and U.S: The Timing of Charter 08

  27 January 2009

Roland discusses about the timing of Charter 08, a joint statement for political reform signed by more than 300 intellectuals, in relation to the politics in the U.S to account for its impact.

China: Net Nanny, GFW and SEM

  24 January 2009

Uln explains how the internet censorship in China works through three major tactics, including: Self censorship, Great fire wall's filtering and access control and search engine manipulation.

Hong Kong: LGBT content filtered away

  23 January 2009

Leslovestudy conducted a research on the filtering of LGBT content (zh, pdf) in Hong Kong private and public filters. I have post a summary of the report at GV advocacy.

China: CyberGhost VPN

  23 January 2009

GFW Blog introduces a new tool, CyberGhost VPN, for getting around the internet filtering (Great Fire Wall) in China.

China: Control 2.0

  20 January 2009

David Bandurski from the China Media Project comments on the global media venture proposed by Chinese government by looking into the speech of Li Changchun (李长春), China’s top media control official as the politbruo standing committee member in charge of ideology back in December 2008. The blogger believes that, the...

China: What does Charter 08 mean?

  20 January 2009

Rebecca Mackinon from Rconversation draws together various discussions on the implications of Charter 08 in China and points out that it is yet too early to tell its consequence.

Hong Kong: Election Consultation Deferred… It's Dog-Speak!

  16 January 2009

If constructive questions like the election consultation became "dog-speak" in the eye of top ruling elites (in the form of Freudian slip), what's the function of the Legislative council? Although LSD's legislators' dog's fight performance is disruptive, can the Legislative council be genuinely constructive with the un-democratic system?