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China: Beyond being second

  31 August 2010

Xie Guozhong from my1510 comments on China's rapid economic growth and stresses the need for economic adjustment for a healthy and sustainable economy in the long run.

Is Taiwan Whitewashing Sino-Tibetan History?

  27 August 2010

Angry Chinese Blogger explains the recent controversy regarding an exhibition in the Taipei's National Palace Museum on “Tibet: Treasures From the Roof of the World”. The exhibition was hailed as a sign of improving Sino-Taiwanese ties with the accusations that the photos were being used to promote a sanitized version...

China: VPN blocked

  25 August 2010

Tom Lasseter tested the boundary of forbidden virtual world in China after he failed to connect to his VPN.

China: Food poisoning -Crayfish

  25 August 2010

Crayfish dishes in China are contaminated with industrial acid which gives patients sore joints, a sore back, pale complexion, and the rather peculiar ‘soy sauce urine’. (more from Daniel Mark Carr, Shanghaiist)

Hong Kong: Transparency on filtering

  23 August 2010

Hong Kong Government Chief Information Officer, Jeremy Godfrey, has opened a twitter account @HKGCIO and he is discussing with @daaitoulaam regarding transparency on filtering.

China: Pambassadors

  23 August 2010

Elaine Chow from Shanghaiist blogs about the recruitment of six Panda Ambassadors in China. The Pambassadors will be working at the famous Woolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in the coming October.

China: Hype on university virginity rate

  23 August 2010

On August 16, a survey report on university female student virginity rate was posted around university forums. Since the report was published under the name of Li Yinhe, the most famous sexologist in China, the post quickly became the hottest topic online. Eventhough Professor Li denied her connection with the...

China: Finland Bath

  21 August 2010

Carrie Yang and Katrien translated Han Han's short story, I want to talk to this world, which describes Finland Bath business and a police crackdown incident.

China and North Korea: Jet Crash

  20 August 2010

Adam Cathcart from Sinologistical Violoncellist looks into the strange jet crash incident in Liaoning province. Some Chinese netizens commented that the incident is the the North Korean version of Lin Biao.

Hong Kong: Policemen Issued Threats On Facebook

  20 August 2010

Two policemen wrote in Facebook that they would shoot, Amina, the cop-slapper. Upon investigation, they have been assigned to desk duty and not allowed to carry firearms. However, similar threats made by ordinary citizen had ended up in court with criminal charges. (more from ESWN)

China: Apple Peel

  19 August 2010

The video shows how the China made new product Apple Peel 520 turns a IPod Touch into an IPhone. More Apple Peel alike products are coming out. This one equips IPhone with an extended keyboard.