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China, Congo and Japan: Soccer politics

  29 December 2010

Ministry of Tofu translates Chinese netizens’ reactions over a recent soccer fans riot in Congo. The African soccer fans had mistaken the Japanese referee as Chinese and smashed Chinese-own stores to avenge the partial rule in the football field.

Hong Kong: Class relations and the democracy movement

  23 December 2010

Hu Sunzi from China Study Group introduces and comments on sociologist HF Hung's recent writing on the class relation and democracy movement in Hong Kong. The article contextualizes the political movement in the colonial history.

China: South-North Water Transfer Project

  23 December 2010

Yin Mingwan, a senior engineer at the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, explains in China Dialogue that the South-North Water Transfer Project won’t solve Beijing’s chronic water shortage without managing water consumption.

China Blog Network

  22 December 2010

A new website, China Blog Network, has just been launched today. It is a platform for blogs about China to connect to one another and for readers to discover new sources of China-related content.

China’s top stories in 2010

  20 December 2010

David Bandurski from China Media Project blogs the official list of top domestic story of the year and invites readers to fill in the gap by sharing their top stories in the comment section.

China: The short life of GFW father's microblog

  20 December 2010

China digital times explains why Fang Binxing's Sina microblog was shut down in three hours. Fang is the President of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications who is known as the “father of the Great Firewall.”

China: Tax cut

  17 December 2010

George Chen discusses the tax cut agenda put forward at the Central Economic Work Conference in China.

China: Empty News

  17 December 2010

Chang Ping writes at China Media Project on the firing of Xinhua reporter Yan Bingguang and the production of empty news in the state-run media in China.

China: A Cold Winter Night with the Petitioners

  16 December 2010

Zhang Kai, a human rights lawyer, swaps the comforts of his warm apartment to come face to face with the suffering of petitioners who took refuge from the cold weather inside a pedestrian subway, on a night when the temperatures dropped to -7 degrees Celsius. He live-casts what he witnessed in his micro blog to raise public awareness of the situation.

China: Ghost cities

  15 December 2010

Chandni Rathod and Gus Lubin from Business Insider presents satellite pictures of ghost cities in China. Ghost cities refer to newly built empty cities with very few residents. They one of the sources of China's GDP and economic bubbles.

China: The World of Guarantee

  15 December 2010

You have to guarantee that the content of your website be clean, or else you will be penalized by “DNS suspension” or “web-maintenance”. Lee Chi-leung from interlocals.net translates an excerpt of a local investigative report on the “Guarantee system” adopted by the Chinese government.

China: More empty chairs

  14 December 2010

China Digital Times has an article on netizens’ interpretations of the three empty chairs on the front page of Southern Metropolis Daily. “It is a Tribute to Lui Xiaobo and Nobel Peace Prize!” Said the netizens.

China: A Nobel Peace Prize for Assange?

  13 December 2010

David Bandurski from China Media Project translated the December 10 2010 editorial of Beijing Daily which criticized the Nobel Peace Prize as a “tool of Western values and ideology,” and snidely suggested that this year’s prize be given instead to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

China: Deconstructing Foxconn

  10 December 2010

Prof. Jack Qiu of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, an advisor of SACOM, produced a video on the harsh working conditions at Foxconn, Deconstructing Foxconn.

Debate on the China Model

  8 December 2010

Last month the British Prime Minister David Cameron visited China. After he had delivered his speech at Peking University, a student asked him what he could learn from China. The episode has triggered a hot debate among bloggers and public intellectuals in China. So what exactly is the meaning of "China Model"?

China: The Chinese Court

  7 December 2010

British blogger from the black China hand writes down his observation on the handling of a criminal case in a Chinese court. The defendant, accused of robbery, had no lawyer to represent him and he was effectively sentenced to 4 years and 9 months.