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China: Labour net launched

  26 April 2009

A news website, China Labour net has been launched. According to the launching statement: the aim of this website is to facilitate sharing of information, experiences and opinion of the labour movement between China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the rest of the world. We will regularly upload articles on the...

China: Plurk is blocked

  24 April 2009

Erick Schonfeld from Techcrunch reported that plurk has been blocked in China. The question followed is will twitter be the next in the ban list?

Japan: Green deal

  23 April 2009

Martin J Frid blogs about Japan environment minister's plan of a “green deal” to to boost the economy and the environment.

China: Property giant block newspapers

  21 April 2009

On April 15, Xinjiang Property Management issued an order to all of the communities it manages in Urumqi to block Morning Post newspaper carriers from entering – Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated local reports on how private corporate tried to manipulate the media.

China: Impact of New Media

  21 April 2009

China Digital Times reports on Liu Jianqiang, Zhang Ping, Wang Lixiong's sharing on the impact of new media in a round table discussion at the University of California, Berkeley.

China: More on Jackie Chan

  21 April 2009

Kai Pan from CNReview translates Jackie Chan's comment on “Chinese need more control” with more semantic analysis of the context. Imagethief wonders where exactly should we place the context then?

China: Free Wu Baoquan

  21 April 2009

A netizen has been sentenced to 2 year imprisonment for criticizing Ordos city government (in Inner Mongolia) for illegal land requisition. Spontaneous Online campaign calling for justice to Wu has been harmonized. (more in GVA).

Jackie Chan: Chinese need control

  20 April 2009

“I'm mot sure if it's good to have freedom or not, I'm really confused now. If there is too much freedom, like the way Hong Kong is today, it is very chaotic; Taiwan is also chaotic. I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled.” – Jackie...

China: Gangster in the Government

  20 April 2009

Chinageeks translated an article written by Yang Licai (via Ai Weiwei) about his experience in various local town while collecting names of the earthquake school kid victims.

Japan: Crisis Vocabulary

  17 April 2009

Adamu from Mutantfrog Travelogue collects and explains a list of Japanese vocabulary for describing the financial crisis.

Taiwan: Integration with South China

  17 April 2009

Michael Turton from the View from Taiwan comments on the SCMP's report on Taichung Mayor Jason Hu's proposal calling for a further integration with South China, including Hong Kong with Taiwan to form a mega-region.

China: Dialogue with Anti-CNN

  17 April 2009

On Monday (11 April), Rebecca MacKinnon, Global Voices Online co-founder and former CNN journalist, was interviewed by core members of Anti-CNN website. This is a significant event as the Anti-CNN website was launched to counter the western media's (represented by CNN) reports on the Tibetan unrest and crackdown in May...

China: Wuhan government building on fire

  16 April 2009

Here is a twitpic on the fire happened in Wuhan government building today (April 16). A number of tweets said that the news had to be down played, so far all the reports very brief and there are very few photos circulating online.

China: A hoax related with gender and race

  16 April 2009

Fauna from ChinaSMACK translates and explains in detail an Internet hoax that a Zhejiang University Girl rebuking her professor's comment by saying that she likes dating foreigners. The hoax touches upon sensitive issues concern with gender and race and results in hot debate.