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China: Junior high school boy beaten to death by classmates

  30 November 2010

Veggie Discourse translates a popular forum post on a school violence incident in Jiangsu province, in which the mother of the dead school boy claimed that her son was beaten to death by his classmates with powerful background, while the teachers and students witnessed the violence without doing anything to...

China: “Hang the Slaves of the West”

  30 November 2010

A new website that vilifies Chinese political liberals, including 2010 Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, has caught the attention of the Chinese internet for its extreme views. Why has it not been removed by censors?

Brand China

  30 November 2010

Imagethief blogs the discussion on “brand China” at the Capital-M Trialogue. The discussion panel addressed issues related to the ability of the Chinese companies to establish their brands internationally, and Chinese soft power and international perceptions of China as a whole.

China: 97% Of Chinese Want To Live In The U.S?

  29 November 2010

Dan from China Law Blog invites readers to comment on the Globalist's latest article entitled, The American Dream Is Alive and Well…In China, which asserted that “if U.S. immigration policies allowed it, 97% of the Chinese people would probably want to move to the United States.”

China: Wikileaks on Google hacking incident

  29 November 2010

Wikileaks began on Sunday November 28th publishing 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables. It cited a cable from the US embassy in Beijing, which mentioned information from “a Chinese contact” that the Chinese government was behind the Google hacking incident. Meanwhile, China's Propaganda Department has directed all domestic media outlets...

China: Hang the Liberal!

  26 November 2010

A website,Progressive Society, with a feature page called Hanging Slave of the West, has been set up by some extreme “leftists”. The website claims to record all the sins of Chinese political liberals. It also collects photos of famous political activists such as Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo calling...

China’s wetland crisis

  25 November 2010

China Dialogue has a collection of photos taken by Sean Gallagher showing the decline of China’s wetland crisis and its impact.

China: Messages behind the flowers to the Shanghai fire victims

  22 November 2010

Yesterday, thousands of mourners in Shanghai flocked to the 28-storey apartment block that was gutted by a tragic fire on November 15 to pay their respects for the 58 residents who perished. Much of China's headlines today focus on the collective mourning, but few have highlighted the messages behind citizens' insistence in offering flowers at the disaster site.

China: Campaigning for Wang Yi

  22 November 2010

A Safe World for Women is campaigning for Wang Yi, a Twitterer, who was sentenced to one year labour re-education for retweeting a satirical message. (via WLYeung)

China: iPadgate

  17 November 2010

Since October Chinese Customs have started charging a 20% tax for carrying iPhones and iPads across the border even if the products were out of the box and in use. This has caught people by surprise because in recent years shopping tours are one of the most important parts of the cross-border economy between Hong Kong and China.

China: Sanyo workers in Shenzhen stage strike

  17 November 2010

China Labour Bulletin reports that more than a thousand workers at Sanyo Huaqiang Laser Electronics in Shenzhen’s Longhua district staged a one day strike last week over working conditions and a planned merger with a factory in another district in downtown Shenzhen.

China: Sino-India relation

  15 November 2010

Peter Martin from Sinocentric comments on the two Chinese diplomatic trips to India for persuading India away from Japan and the US’ strategy in encircling China.

China: Inflation and social instability

  12 November 2010

George Chen blogs about the inflation problem in China: in short, high inflation is equated with social instability and that's definitely the last thing the Communist government wants to see.

China: Gunshot incident

  11 November 2010

ESWN translated a local news story about a gunshot incident caused by the death of a woman during child delivery in a hospital in Huilai, Guangdong province.

China: 360 VS. QQ: What about privacy and user rights?

  10 November 2010

A commercial spat between instant messaging applications Tencent QQ and Qihoo 360 has affected million of users. Although QQ still monopolizes the market, public opinion shows that Chinese Internet users are on the side of Qihoo and are becoming increasingly aware of the averse effects of Tencent's monopoly, and the significance of protecting Internet users' privacy and rights.