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China: Censorship Virus Breaks into PKU Printers

  30 January 2011

Peking University's Portal Website calls for urgent attention on the recent introduction of censorship mechanism among the campus printing shops: no political sensitive materials can be photocopied inside the campus.

China: 88% of Chinese trust government?

  29 January 2011

Edelman, one of the top five global public relations firms, released its 2011 Trust Barometer on January 26 2011. The report indicates that China ranked first, with 88% trust, in the world in terms of trust government. On the other hand, the United States fell from 46% to 40%.

China: Air force training exercise or Top Gun?

  28 January 2011

China Central Television reported on an air force training exercise on January 23. The news clip showed a target hit by the air-to-air missile fired by a J-10 fighter aircraft. However, netizens found out that the images look almost identical to a cinema scene from the Hollywood film Top Gun....

China: Let the Bullets Fly

  27 January 2011

Dan Edwards from Screening China introduces director Jiang Wen's recent movie, Let the Bullets Fly. The movie has recently broken the record of domestic box office.

China's Campaign Against Corruption

  26 January 2011

Steve Dickinson from China Law Blog looks into 2 reports published by the PRC National Audit Office that address the corruption problem of government officials.

China: A Subversive New Years’ Video Card

  26 January 2011

C. Custer from ChinaGeek translates and analyses a subversive New Years’ video card, “Little Rabbit, Be Good!”. The video addresses most of the social conflicts happened in the past few years, such as poisonous milk, forced demolition, and etc.

China: Police and Japanese porn star

  19 January 2011

Many regional police departments have launched their micro-blogs at Sina for promoting their image and public relations. Recently netizens found out that Xigang Branch Office of Dalian Police Department has only followed one user – Sora Aoi, a popular Japanese porn star in China. See Ministry of Tofu for their...

China: 2010 housing demolition report

  19 January 2011

C Custer from ChinaGeek has translated a housing demolition report 2010 (part one and part two) that has been banned from publishing in mainland Chinese mainstream media outlets.

Taiwan: Foxconn nominated for the public eye award

  17 January 2011

A Hong Kong based NGO Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour has nominated Apple subcontractor, FoxConn for the 2011 public eye award. There are at least 18 workers committed suicide in FoxConn's factories in China in 2010.

China: No more award and prize!

  17 January 2011

It is clear that the Chinese government is not happy about the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. However, it is beyond normal people's imagination that the propaganda machine would turn its resentment into the censorship of the terms "award" and "prize".