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China: 100 Outstanding Mothers

  25 December 2006

Granite Studio comments on the recent announcement by the government on the 100 outstanding Mothers in China. The blogger notices that such practice is not new.

China: 2006 most popular Chinese word

  25 December 2006

Many Chinese bloggers are discussing the most popular Chinese word of 2006. Some of the suggestions are: Bo (as in Blogger), Gao (as in spoof) and Chao (as in argue). Gao is so far the most popular one (zh).

China: illegal church construction?

  25 December 2006

Ai Wei Wei criticizes a recent court case in Hanzhou concerning “illegal church construction”. More than a thousand people were involved in the church construction from 26-29 July 2006. On 22 of December, the court found 8 of them guilty (zh).

China: humor

  25 December 2006

One Man bandwidth looks into the differences in the western and Chinese sense of humor.

China: blogender

  22 December 2006

An online test (zh) about blogger's gender by analyising the language in the blogpost.

Taiwan: please speak Chinese

  22 December 2006

Holly blogs about her frustration in learning Chinese in Taiwan, and she hopes that her Chinese friends can speak Chinese to her.

China: cultural critique on consuming Christmas

  21 December 2006

Zhao mu re-posts an open letter written by10 PhD students in China (all from top univeristy) which criticized the celebration of Christmas in China. The students suggest government to ban and discourage advocation and promotion of Christmas consumption by education department and commercial sectors in order to preserve “Chinese cultural...

China: Xinjiang 2021

  21 December 2006

Michael from the opposite end of China blogs about his wild speculation of Xinjiang in 2021. The post was written in response to a call by neweurasia.net.

China: population quality

  21 December 2006

Kaie blogs about a recent population policy in Guangzhou city. The policy is to prevent low quality population to reside in the city. Kaie comments that the urban residents have no rights to bar off rural population to enjoy city life (zh).

China: model answer blogpost

  21 December 2006

Zengying explains why 2006 is an significant year for him because one of his blog post became a model answer for university entrance examination: a student copied his post in the examination and got a full score. The blog post was then reproduced in many exam preparation guide books without...

Hong Kong: experienced journalists become PR

  21 December 2006

Mo's notebook blogs about the resignation of three senior reporters in a major TV station in Hong Kong (TVB). He notices that many good reporters have left the media industry and tranfered the public relation field instead because of the poor media environment (zh).

Japan and South Korea: citizen reporters meeting

  21 December 2006

Oh Mun-su from Ohmynews reports on the recent meeting between Korean and Japanese Citizen Reporters. “It was held in the OhmyNews Japan office in Tokyo to reconcile differences in thinking between the two citizen groups and extend each other's understanding.”

South Korea: migrant news roundup

  21 December 2006

Jamie from Two Koreas reprints some news from Migrant Worker TV to sum up some of the current issues going on in the migrant movement in South Korea these days.

East Asia: the East Asian Libraries and Archives wiki

  18 December 2006

Frog in a Well announces a project on the East Asian Libraries and Archives wiki. The project will will serve as a central collection site for information about archives, libraries, museums, etc. in East Asia that are of potential interest for anyone doing research on or in East Asia.