Oiwan Lam · June, 2010

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China: Shanghai World Expo

  30 June 2010

Maple Xu blogs about her experience in the Shanghai World Expo. The post is translated from Chinese into English by Xujun Eberlein.

Japan: Voice tweets override election rule

  29 June 2010

Akky Akimoto from Asiajin points out that incumbent upper house member Kenzo Fujisue tried to avoid the violation of upper house election rule in Japan by posting url of voice tweets instead of text tweets.

China: Debate over RMB evaluation

  28 June 2010

One week before the G20 summit, the Chinese central bank announced the increase of flexibility of RMB exchange rate. The People's Bank of China asserted that the exchange rate regime reform could help China, but not everyone is convinced in online forums.

China: The citizens’ pledge

  21 June 2010

C. Custer from China Geek translated a citizens’ pledge written by a blogger, Tiger Temple, and circulated around the Internet. The pledge is a moral statement against social and political corruption.

China: Online map service policy

  18 June 2010

China Hush translated a blog post from sina forum explaining China government's policy towards online map services to address national security issue.

China: Post 80s rural worker

  15 June 2010

A recent wave of labour strike in China has attracted local and foreign media's attention. While local media has been harmonized by the propaganda department in order to stop workers from copying each others’ spontaneous protests, foreign media, such as The New York Times, believe that it is a beginning...

China’s foreign residents

  14 June 2010

C. Custer from ChinaGeek blogs a the result of a survey on China's foreign residents. The finding contradict some of the stereotypes Chinese people have on foreigners.