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China: The legacy of Wukan

  31 January 2012

David Bandurski from China Media Project blogs about the discussion among Chinese public intellectuals on the political implications of Wukan struggle against land acquisition in Guangdong.

China: Redpad for Government Official Only

  28 January 2012

China Bubble Watch blogs about the introduction of Red-pad, an electronic device similar to i-pad but sold at a price (RMB9,999) twice as high as an Apple i-pad exclusively to Chinese government officials.

China: Kashgar’s City

  27 January 2012

Josh from Xinjiang far west China blogs about the future transformation of Kashgar city in Xinjiang. The old city's traditional mud home would be turned into modern buildings according to plan. The blogger asked: will you be still interested to visit Kashgar after the rebuilt?

Questions for China’s democracy opponents

  27 January 2012

David Bandurski from China Media Project introduced a discussion among mainland Chinese public opinion leaders on the Taiwan presidential election and translated a Weibo post which raised a series of questions for China's democracy opponents.

China: Prostituting to Defend Sex Workers’ Rights

  15 January 2012

After witnessing a police raid on a low-end brothel, one feminist activist has offered pro bono sex services in support of her sisters, using the experience also to make a statement about their equally impoverished clients.

Serial killers in China

  13 January 2012

Robert Foyle Hunwick from DANWEI looks into the profiles of a number of serial killers in China. Who had they killed and why?

China: Transformation Snare

  12 January 2012

China Media Project has translated a news article on an academic report, authored by sociology professor Sun Liping, the former doctoral adviser to now vice-president and successor apparent Xi Jinping (习近平), which argued that China was in the midst of a “transformation snare” in which the energy and impetus to...

China: Street Children

  4 January 2012

Annie Lee from China Hush translates a feature story from Sohu.com on the problem of street children in China. Many of the children have been abused by their family while there isn't any functioning social welfare system to deal with the situation.

China: Chinese People's Character

  4 January 2012

The term Suzhi (Chinese people's character) has often been used to justify the undemocratic political system. C. Custer from ChinaGeeks looks into famous Chinese writer Han Han's most recent argument on his article “On Revolution” and compares it with American people's Suzhi back in the eighteenth century.