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Hong Kong: No Blogger Accreditation

  24 June 2008

Thomas Crampton talked to the Hong Kong government’s Director of Information Services Betty Fung, who said Hong Kong does not recognize bloggers for accreditation to official media events and she has never received a request for accreditation from a blogger.

China: Politicization of Xiaonei.com

  24 June 2008

Xiaonei.com is one of the largest social networking site in China targeting at university students. ESWN translated an article from my1510 on the recent politicization within the network.

China: Earthquake Runaway Teacher

  23 June 2008

Fan Meizhong a teacher who dashed out of the classroom when the earthquake hit and left his students behind has become the most controversal figure in China. ESWN has translated yweekend's chronicle of the debate.

China: Right to Entertainment

  20 June 2008

Ran Yun-fei from my1510 points out that earthquake victims need entertainment to restore their lives, others shouldn't be too harsh to judge them [zh].

Hong Kong: Internet Service Fee Scandal

  20 June 2008

Ibrahim from Outblaze blogs about the recent internet service fee scandal in Hong Kong. The extremely high bill (HK$14,000) is due to policy on the by the “byte” extra charge on Internet access.

South Korea: Sentiment Behind Anti Beef Protest

  20 June 2008

Korea Beat looked into the sentiment of protesters in the anti-U.S beef demonstration by some protest statistics. Ask a Korean pointed out earlier that the leaders and participants of demonstrations are different in their attitude towards U.S.

Japan: Minimum Wage

  19 June 2008

James blogs about the minimum wage policy in Japan with a chart comparing the wage standard in different countries.

China: Happy to Become Earthquake Ghost

  18 June 2008

A propaganda poem published in a Shandong newspapers has been called by netizen “the most shameless piece”. (via webbbs) The poem written by the vice president of Shandong Writers Association said that “1.3 billion people cried together, even one has become ghost, s/he should be happy”, “Wish the tomb can...

China: Press ID

  17 June 2008

Zan Ai-zong writes in inmediahk.net about the government monopoly in the issuing of press card in China [zh]. The practice results in the direct control over journalists or some news agencies would sell the card to individual at very high price.

China: Kungfu Panda

  17 June 2008

Heicaitou blogs some photos of a demonstration demanding the China SARFT to ban the movie “Kungfu Panda”.