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South Korea: Kids Lack Sleep

  30 September 2009

Korea beat translated a local news report on a survey about Korean kids’ sleeping time, which is the shortest among the 6 surveyed countries.

China: Mooncake

  29 September 2009

Uln found the gift economy of moon cake during the mid autumn festival in Shanghai amazing.

China: Censorship arms race escalates

  29 September 2009

Rebecca MacKinnon sums up the recent censorship measures in China, including the launching of new surveillant software and the recent attack of major censorship circumvention techniques and technologies.

China: Re-programming CCTV

  25 September 2009

In the coming year, CCTV will cut one third of its program in order to be more competitive. One of the program to be cut is “Tell it like it is”, a talk show that encourages audience to participate. Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated a blogger, Hecaitou's post, explaining why...

Japan: The decline of the LDP

  24 September 2009

Observing Japan has an article explaining the decline of the LDP. The blogger points out that from the early 1990s until 2007 the LDP shifted not just from center to right, but from pragmatism to idealism and from the realm of practical politics.

South Korea: Government sued activist with libel

  18 September 2009

Ohmynews! International has a report on South Korean government libel charge against a prominent activist lawyer Park Wonsoon. Part was charged 200 million won for damages from the National Intelligence Agency (“NIA”) last September 14.

South Korea: 6% of Kids Addicted to Internet

  18 September 2009

Korea Beat translated a local news on a report released by the Ministry of Health which affirmed: 6 out of 100 fourth-graders, over 34,000 in total, have an internet addiction serious enough to call for counseling and treatment.

Japan: The boyladies

  17 September 2009

An Englishman in Osaka introduced a theatrical troupe called the Takarazuka Revue Company. The group is famous for their boyladies – women performing man's role on stage.

China: Pretending to be a reporter

  17 September 2009

ESWN translated the Retrial of Wu Baoquan, a netizen sentenced to 2 year imprisonment for exposing a land dispute in Ordos city under the charge of libel. On 16 of September, the verdict of the retrial was released, apart from libel, the court introduced the new element of “pretending to...

China: Here comes the Laowai

  15 September 2009

Uln from Chinayouren blogs about an experimental performance for testing people's reaction towards foreigners (Laowei) who wrote a T-shirt with big Chinese characters “laowai has come!” and “laowai has left!”

China: Verifying reports of Ai Weiwei's surgery

  15 September 2009

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated a blog post by Liu Xiaoyuan verifying the fact that Ai Weiwei, a prominent artist and activist in China, has been hospitalized for cranial surgery related to a scuffle with police in Chengdu a month ago. Ai Weiwei's blog has his latest photos taken from...