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Is Religion Good for China?

  30 July 2010

Kai Pan looks into the blooming of Christianity in China in recent years and addresses the question on whether religion is good for China.

China: Being Gay

  28 July 2010

The angry Chinese blogger explains how the Chinese government controls the gay community from getting too visible in the society.

China: Professional mourners

  23 July 2010

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated an article from the Beijing News on professional mourners who perform in funerals in Chongqing and Chengdu.

Hong Kong: Citizen campaign to save Tai Long Beach

  22 July 2010

Many people have the impression that Hong Kong is a concrete forest made up with high rise buildings. However, actually 75% of the land in this global city is undeveloped country side. Such landscape is an unintended result of the colonial history, when after the WWII, the British government tried...

China: Me, Wang Hui, and Liberal Wishy-washy-ness

  19 July 2010

Peter Zarrow, a historian at the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), explains why he signed the joint letter supporting Wang Hui at China beat. Meanwhile, the mass mail calling for the joint signature has been leaked (see the comment section of the previous article).

China: Police's call to set up censorship norms

  17 July 2010

Beijing City Chaoyang district police station issued an urgent notice today regarding "Calling for a working meeting on the security norm of Internet Company". Jason Ng tweetcasts the talk on censorship norms in the meeting.

China: Green Dam-Youth Escort closed down

  15 July 2010

ESWN translated Beijing Times‘ news story about the shutting of Green Dam-Youth Escort Software Project in the Beijing Huajie Building. Last year, the Chinese government insisted that all personal computers had to install the censor software.

China: Wang Hui's plagiarism scandal, international turn

  12 July 2010

A plagiarism scandal broke out in March in Chinese academic circles when Nanjing University literature professor Wang Binbin charged that Wang Hui's dissertation on Lu Xun -Resistance to despair – contains a number of passages lifted from other books without citation. (More background information from Granite Studio and ChinaGeeks) Wang...

Hong Kong: One frequency three radio channels

  9 July 2010

Michelle from interlocals.net translated an article about the strange phenomena of “One frequency three channels” during the June 4 candle night vigil this year in Hong Kong. The live broadcast of the vigil by the Citizen radio was interrupted by two other channels and one of them is from Mainland...

China: The Bombing of American Aircraft Carrier

  7 July 2010

ESWN translates a blog post in my1510.com commenting on a online rumor about “the bombing of Amercian aircraft carrier”. The writer describes the spread of the rumor as “Chinese masturbation” that helps advance the talk of the “Chinese threat.”