· September, 2010

Stories about Uganda from September, 2010

Kenya: Prison Literature in East Africa

  28 September 2010

Kimani Wanjiru discusses prison literature in East Africa: “Maina wa Kinyatti perhaps has the highest number of books that vividly describe his harrowing experience. He has a collection of poems A Season of Blood: Poems from Kenyan Prison (1995)…”

Uganda: Do you trust the media?

  22 September 2010

Tumwijuke blogs about “a little-reported event occurred at City Hall in Kampala on Saturday.”: Members of the Uganda Journalists’ Association voted for a new executive. To summarize the chaotic proceedings, it was a joke. Chaos over the association’s constitution, armed police barring observers, allegations of voter bribing, the works!

Uganda: Can Online Media Help Development?

  17 September 2010

This is the end of three-year coverage of the Katine project in Uganda through Katine Chronicles Blog. Readers are asked to post final thoughts on a venture linking online media with development.

Africa: Homophobe Tourism

  4 September 2010

Africa needs a new category of tourism: Homophobe Tourism. “Come to Uganda, watch Martin Ssempa talk about “poo-poo!” Come to Nigeria, watch the legislature restrict touching! Come to Malawi, watch the judge sentence the gay and the transgender!”