· July, 2008

Stories about Uganda from July, 2008

Environment: Updates from African Bloggers

  18 July 2008

In this edition of Global Voices environment we check in with the African environment bloggers, who have fascinating pictures to share, discussions on solar technology, concerns about forest re-allocation and updates on past stories.

Uganda: Interview with singer Omega Bugemba Okello

  17 July 2008

Pamela Stitch has an interview with Ugandan singer Omega Bugemba Okello at the African Loft, which includes one of her music videos. She talks about why she sings in Luganda and her difficulties in a male dominated industry, among other things.

African bloggers react to ICC charges against Sudanese President al-Bashir

Bloggers from around the world are reacting to the International Criminal Court's recent recommendation that Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir be charged with multiple counts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Many of those bloggers are criticizing the potential indictments, claiming they are difficult to enforce and that they will bring more unrest to an already unstable nation.

Uganda: (No longer) lost in translation

  15 July 2008

The majority of Ugandan bloggers have yet to write in languages other than English, perhaps because over 50 different indigenous languages are spoken in the country. Over the last year, however, several of Uganda's blogren have forayed into the world of local-language blogging via Luglish, a blend of English and Luganda, the local language most commonly spoken the capital city Kampala.