· May, 2007

Stories about Uganda from May, 2007

Africa: blogging the G8 Summit

  31 May 2007

A team of African journalists, who are working with Panos London will blog from the G8 Summit in Germany: “For nine days starting on 1 June, journalists from Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa will bring you stories and perspectives from Africa on HIV/AIDS and healthcare, international aid, debt relief...

Uganda: Free solar mobile phone chargers for rural women

  28 May 2007

Pius Sawa writes about solar mobile phone chargers in Uganda: “Motorola company has introduced a new innovative technology of phone charging called Motorpower Kiosk.The project was launched on May 10th 2007 in Kampala. Each Motorpower kiosk is charged by a 55 Watts Direct Current (DC) inverted solar panel, capable of...

Uganda: What if we blogged in local languages?

  28 May 2007

Country Boyi asks, “What if we blogged in local languages?“: “I've been thinking. It took a workshop on writing for children in Ugandan local languages to have me thinking: what clearly is the importance of indigenous languages, and would it add any value if we blogged in our home languages?”

Qatar: Why Somalia isn't Iraq

Qatar-based blogger Abdurahman Warsame explains why Somalia isn't like Iraq. “There has been bomb attacks in Mogadishu since the city fell to the Transitional Government. A number of civilians were killed in various attacks, the prime minister Ali Ghedi and Mayor of Mogadishu, former warlord Mohamed Dheere, have both survived...


  17 May 2007

Observations about the Ugandan blogosphere from the makers of Ugandan Blogumentary: “[Blogren] the term was invented and introduced by the Ugandan blogger the 27th comrade on February 6. 2007 to respond to his fellow citizens (please correct us if we’re wrong). What the blogrens have in common is their love...

D.R. of Congo: Congo's forgotten women

  12 May 2007

A post about Congo's forgotten women in the Sub-Saharan Africa Roundtable: “In 2001, after a disastrous misadventure in the Congo, Ugandan troops trekked back home with a cargo of hundreds of Congolese women they had “married” while fighting in that country. Most of them ended up in northern Uganda where...

Uganda: What is wrong with Juba peace talks?

  2 May 2007

John Akec writes in-depth analysis of Juba peace talks between the government of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army: The question is: why Naivasha peace talks between Sudanese protagonists succeeded, whereas Juba peace talks between the LRA and government of Uganda have so far failed to make any headway? The...