· February, 2011

Stories about Uganda from February, 2011

Uganda: No Signs of Egypt-Style Uprising

  22 February 2011

The 2011 Presidential Elections in Uganda have concluded relatively peacefully, with rolling results being announced over the course of the weekend. The blogging community and, in fact, the entire country are fairly quiet at this point, breathing a sigh of relief that things went as calmly as they did despite widespread accusations of ballot stuffing, voter intimidation, and other irregularities.

Uganda: A Day After Uganda Elections 2011

  19 February 2011

Ugandans went to the polls Friday 18 February, 2011 for presidential and parliamentary elections. President Yoweri Museveni is expected to win. Below is a roundup of election-related posts and tweets a day after the elections.

Uganda: Kampala quiet after voting

  19 February 2011

Steven Youngblood says that the capita of Uganda, Kampala, is quiet after yesterday's elections. Meanwhile, President Museveni leads his rivals in early provisional results with 72% of the vote.

Uganda: Uganda Elections 2011 on Twitter

  17 February 2011

Ugandans will go to the polls tomorrow for presidential and parliamentary elections. The main candidates for the presidential race are President Yoweri Museveni, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Norbert Mao.Twitter users are busy talking about the elections using the #ugandavotes hashtag.

Uganda: New video for Uganda Elections 2011

  17 February 2011

The National Democratic Institute partnered with popular Ugandan musician Bobi Wine to release a video encouraging young voters to avoid election violence and to encourage them to report any election irregularities to UgandaWatch2011.

Africa: Pivot 25: East Africa’s Mobile Competition & Conference

  15 February 2011

Pivot 25 is an event bringing together East Africa’s top mobile entrepreneurs and startups to pitch their ideas to an audience of 400-500 people, with a chance of winning monetary prizes and increasing awareness of their work to local and global investors and businesses.

Uganda: Press Freedom Diminishing as Elections Near

  14 February 2011

Observers and media activists see a steady decline in press freedom in Uganda, particularly with the 2011 elections approaching. It seems that the reductions in freedoms may also ripple out beyond the mainstream media outlets. According to AllVoices, Uganda's Assistant Inspector General of Police, Asan Kasingye, has announced that the police will be monitoring social media such as blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter during the elections.

Malawi/Uganda: Pushing the gay agenda

  11 February 2011

What is the best method for pushing the gay agenda in Africa?: “Malawi is playing the ‘foreign aid tied to homosexuality promotion’ card. It is a tough one…But, we cannot underestimate the value that that card has. Here is the Malawi government. Apparently, aid is refused on the grounds that...

Africa: Reporting LGBTI news in East Africa

  9 February 2011

Kenne discusses shallow reporting on LGBTI topics in East Africa: “It’s about time queers started consciously nurturing their stories and those of their own so as not to be robbed of our dignity and integrity by the press, out to ‘tabloidize’ anything not directly related to politics.”

Uganda: Online Guide to Presidential Elections 2011

  8 February 2011

Uganda's Presidential and Parliamentary Elections will be held on 18 February 2011. The leading candidates for the presidential race are the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), Dr. Kizza Besigye of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Norbert Mao who represents the Democratic Party (DP).This is our Online Guide to Uganda's Presidential Elections 2011.