· February, 2007

Stories about Uganda from February, 2007

Uganda: a preventable tragedy

  27 February 2007

Head Heeb analyzes the state of peace talks between the government of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army, “Given the volatility of the situation in the north, however, a state of “no war, no peace” is inherently unstable, and unless talks resume, it will only be a matter of time...

Uganda: Special Report on Best of Blogs

  26 February 2007

Last week, Uganda bloggers descended on Mateo's bar in Kampala for the second Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour. In addition to catching up with friends and discussing the main challenges facing the nation, the group made nominations for the first Uganda Best of Blog Awards. In a way, 2006 was the...

Uganda: The Last King of Scotland

  22 February 2007

Ethan Zuckerman's reaction after watching The Last King of Scotland: “I saw The Last King of Scotland last night and had been prepared to be pissed off about yet another Africa film with a white protagonist. But Forest Whitaker gives an absolutely extraordinary performance as Idi Amin.”

Uganda: best of blogs awards

  20 February 2007

Jackfruity announces the voting for the 2006 Uganda Best of Blogs awards, “Nominations for the Uganda Best of Blog awards are in. Voting will take place between now and midnight on Saturday, March 10. Awards will be presented at the Happy Hour on Thursday, March 15. Vote, tell your friends...

Uganda: Ugandan troops in Somalia

  20 February 2007

In An African Minute explains why sending Ugandan troops to Somalia is a good idea, “Last week, the Ugandan Parliament approved President Museveni's request to send 1,500 Ugandan troops to Somalia for peacekeeping, food aid distribution and supporting the transitional government. There are several reasons why this was in the...

Ugandan Blogosphere: Juba Peace Talks and Best of Blogs

  10 February 2007

If the activity in January and early February is a sign of things to come, 2007 promises to be a banner year for relevancy, engagement and quality of content in the Ugandan blogosphere. The Juba Peace Talks between the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda, whose wheels...

Uganda: President under pressure

  6 February 2007

Lovely Amphibian explains why it is hard to be a president in Uganda, “Our president is on pressure as we speak. If he’s not, well, he should be. What with the many barbs coming from all directions!”