· March, 2011

Stories about Uganda from March, 2011

Uganda: Anti-Gay Bill Finally Dead?

  25 March 2011

David Badash wonders whether Uganda's “Kill the Gays” bill, internationally-denounced legislation that would have prescribed all Ugandan gays to be put in jail for life, would have required reporting to the government anyone suspected of being homosexual within 24 hour, is finally dead.

U.S. Embassy in Uganda Gets Social

  25 March 2011

The United States Embassy in Uganda is now active in the social media sphere, providing updates on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In a speech launching the initiative, Ambassador Jerry Lanier also recognized social media as a new battlefield in the war for free speech.

Africa: Africans want an African solution

Rosebell Kagumire's reaction to Uganda's president's criticism of military intervention in Libya: “Africans want an African solution but current leaders like President Museveni who stifle freedoms in their own borders will not deliver us the much needed African solution. And that’s what North Africa has realized and therefore moved to...

Uganda: Save The Uganda Museum

  4 March 2011

The Uganda Museum founded in 1908 in Kampala, Uganda, displays and exhibits historical and traditional collections of the country's cultural heritage. With its site recently earmarked by the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry for the construction of a 60-storey building, a group of Ugandan cyberactivists have decided to run a Facebook campaign to save the building.