· October, 2008

Stories about Uganda from October, 2008

Uganda: LGBT activists forced into exile

  8 October 2008

Sokari writes about the plight of LGBT activists in Uganda: “Following the arrest of Georgiana and Brenda, 5 members of SMUG, knowing they were a target of the police and fearing further arrests, had to escape from Uganda and are now all having to live in exile.”

Africa: Social Media in Africa

  7 October 2008

Jonathan analyses advances in social media on the African continent: “Contrary to popular belief, Africa is not completely absent from the Internet. In fact, the continent at large is undergoing a connectivity revolution unlike anything it has ever seen.”

Africa: Let Us Talk About US Politics

  4 October 2008

Obviously the upcoming American elections are of great interest to many people around the world and the role technology is playing has been interesting, to say the least. The Economist recently launched their Global Electoral College web application that encourages people all over the world to have their say with...