· March, 2008

Stories about Uganda from March, 2008

Environment: Elephant Culling and Crisis in The Mara

  8 March 2008

In this issue of Global Voices environment, we check in with various blogs around the world. The themes are varied, and some are of global concern with commentary from Kenya about elephant culling in South Africa, commentary from Europe on “Eco-colonialism” in Botswana, Brazil, DRC, Patagonia and other countries. Image...

Uganda: Religion and homosexuality

  2 March 2008

Gay Ugandan and religion: “The issue is my sexuality. Homosexuality. The Church of Uganda believes that my sexuality is unnatural. And that it is a sin. They believe that it is sinful to encourage a person like me to salvation in Jesus’ name.”

Uganda: Uganda's Calling

  1 March 2008

Uganda's Calling blog: “Uganda Calling is a non-profit organization that is helping to end the 20-year long war in Northern Uganda through the means of connecting with outreach programs in the country, as well as creating awareness and fundraising in schools, towns, and communities.”

Uganda: Things I wished I knew…

  1 March 2008

Things Rebekah wished she knew when she lived in Kampala: “This is something I would have appreciated when I dropped 80,000/= at Aristoc on a novel that took me 12 hours to read.”